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The Best Vegan Skin Care Products

Vegan skincare is more than just this season’s latest fad. It’s a way to honor Mother Nature and the animals in her kingdom.

To be considered vegan, a product cannot contain any ingredients or byproducts derived from animals. In this way, vegan products are more eco-friendly and ethically sound than traditional beauty brands.

Banish All Clear Mint Cleanser

This vegan face wash from Australian company Maaemo is made with organic botanicals to lift blackheads, antibacterial botanicals, like chamomile, to reduce acne and antioxidants, to protect skin. The cleanser is also certified toxin free and vegan and has no added chemicals, which are harmful to the environment and your health.

It’s a mild foaming gel with a natural fresh ginger mint scent from ingredients, like organic ginger essential oils and peppermint and spearmint extract that have cleansing, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties to fight skin impurities. The foaming cleanser rinses thoroughly, leaving no residue and is formulated for dry, normal, or oily skin types.

The product is packaged in glass jars and plastic squeeze bottles with a paper label that is recycled and biodegradable. If you have 5 empty Banish jars or bags, you can send them to the company and get a $20 gift card for your next purchase.

Heimish All Clean Balm

Launched in 2016, this Heimish product has received a lot of well-deserved love since then. It is often compared with Banila Co’s Clean It Zero, but it actually feels much more luxurious and expensive.

It is a solid cleansing balm in the jar but it softens very quickly when rubbed between your fingers. The texture is similar to coconut oil but it emulsifies with water. It removes makeup, sunscreen, and oil based impurities easily and leaves the skin feeling fresh and soft without stripping the face of its natural oils. It also contains shea butter for moisturizing, citrus herb oil for calming and white flower extract for skin toning.

This cleanser is a great option for oily skin and can be used as the first step of a double cleanse along with the Heimish All Clean Green Foam Clay Cleanser to remove oil and other residue. It is unscented and vegan, so it is a good choice for sensitive skin.

Lavera Nourishing Moisturizer

Suitable for all skin types, this velvety smooth moisturizer provides a subtle hint of tint while nourishing skin. Organic evening primrose, jojoba oil and seabuckthorn soothe dryness and irritation. This cream also contains shea butter to nourish and protect skin.

This moisturiser was awarded the Vegan Beauty Award 2021 by PETA Germany e.V due to its first-class efficacy, application and skin feel. This moisturizer is formulated without mineral oils, artificial fragrances or preservatives. Its rich formula with triple hyaluronic acid and valuable karanja oil fully hydrates the skin.

Founded in 1987, Lavera is a German brand that makes natural cosmetics and skincare products. They share the same natural and ethical principles as Weleda and are NaTRUE certified (free from synthetic/man made ingredients, pesticides and antibiotics). This company is always working to produce products that are kind to the environment and their customers. Lavera offers a wide range of cleansers, skin care products and makeup that are perfect for creating a natural look.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleanser

This vegan face wash has an ingredient list that includes plant-based cleansers such as jojoba oil, which gently cleanses without overdrying the skin. It also contains a blend of soothing ingredients such as poet’s narcissus extract, which minimizes the appearance of pimples. It’s part of the Yes to Tomatoes line, a vegan skincare brand that offers a range of acne-fighting products.

The face wash’s main active ingredient is 2% salicylic acid, which helps fight breakouts and blackheads. It also contains microClear technology, which enhances the delivery of the salicylic acid to your pores so it can work its magic.

It has a light fruity fragrance that some people may not like, but it does a good job of cleaning the skin and does not dry it out. However, it is a bit more expensive than other comparable anti-acne washes. If you want to save money, there are other vegan face washes on the market that offer similar results. Vegan skin care

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