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Cost to Replace Conservatory Roof

Over time, conservatories can start to show signs of wear and tear. These include problems such as leaks and condensation. While these can be repaired, it is often better to replace the conservatory roof completely.

There are three main options for conservatory roof replacements: polycarbonate, glass, and solid tiled. Each option has different benefits and costs.

Costs of Materials

cost to replace conservatory roof will come in a variety of price ranges, and much depends on the size, style and bespoke options you choose. A new glass conservatory roof will cost around PS4,000 for a typical lean-to, with prices going up based on the design of your conservatory and any additional bespoke options you may have chosen.

A glass roof will allow more natural light into your conservatory, and will improve the overall energy efficiency. It can also reduce the risk of condensation build-up and is available in a wide range of colours.

Polycarbonate roofs are a bit cheaper, and offer similar benefits to glass roofs. However, they can leave your conservatory feeling cold in the winter and hot in the summer, and can also suffer from a lack of sunlight as the sun moves throughout the day.

Costs of Installation

There are several costs involved in replacing a conservatory roof, including labour, material and VAT. This can add up to quite a lot, depending on the type of roof that you choose and the size of your conservatory.

Glass conservatory roofs are usually the cheapest, ranging from PS3,200 to PS8500, which includes the cost of installation and VAT. They are popular because they make a conservatory look more like a standard room and help it to blend in with the rest of your house.

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs are usually more expensive, but they can be a great choice because they offer excellent insulation and are very durable. However, they can be quite noisy and do not provide much privacy. They also have a short life span and are not very eco-friendly, which can lead to high energy bills. If you want a more traditional look for your conservatory, a tiled roof is the most suitable option.

Costs of Replacement Windows

A glass conservatory roof can be a great option for those on a budget. It is also easy to get glass that matches the rest of the house, and it’s available in a range of different designs and colours.

A polycarbonate conservatory roof is a slightly more expensive option, but it’s still affordable. It’s also very strong, and it can help to reduce energy bills because it helps to regulate heat more effectively than a glass roof.

A solid conservatory roof is more expensive than a glass or polycarbonate roof, but it’s worth the investment. Solid roofs are made from roof tiles that are the same as those used on the rest of the house, so they are durable and long-lasting. Plus, they are 15 times more thermally efficient than glass or polycarbonate roofs, so you can save money on your energy bills. This is especially true if you live in a colder climate.

Costs of Replacement Gutters

When it comes to replacing a conservatory roof, the choice of materials can make a significant difference in the overall cost. The most popular options are glass and polycarbonate. These roofs offer a lower labour cost and are easy to install, but they do not provide the insulation that you get with a solid conservatory roof.

A solid conservatory roof is more expensive, but it can increase the living space of your conservatory by up to 15% and save you money on energy bills. It is also 15 times more thermally efficient than older glass and polycarbonate roofs.

Another option is a tiled roof, which offers many benefits. This type of roof is incredibly strong and durable, and it can be made in a variety of colors to suit your style. In addition, it can help to reduce condensation and is much more thermally efficient than a glass roof. It is also more affordable than a UPVC conservatory roof.

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