Oil Mist Collector

An oil mist collector is a piece of industrial machinery that filters unwanted mist, grit and smoke from your CNC shop. These units mount to machine tools and collect mist at the source, allowing for quiet operation and energy efficiency. Airborne metalworking fluids can irritate the eyes, skin and lungs. This can lead to a variety of health issues, including breathing problems, a loss of appetite, headaches and fatigue. Pre-Filtration Oil mist collectors are used to filter air within a facility, especially machine shops. They are most popular for removing the harmful oil mist that is given out by CNC machines, milling processes and grinding processes. The pre-filtration of an oil mist collector will filter all large debris from the air before it goes through the main filters. This will prevent downstream clogs and increase the efficiency of the filtration system. It will also reduce downtime and maintenance costs by extending the time between cleaning cycles. This will improve employee health and safety by reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous contaminants. It will also improve product quality and production output by ensuring a clean working environment. It will also help lower energy costs by reducing the load on HVAC systems in the shop. By releasing filtered air back into the workspace, it will save energy costs by eliminating the need to vent the air outside. Cyclone Filtration Cyclones very effectively separate anything that is heavier than air, including liquids. This separating action can help reduce downtime by keeping dust and oil off of machine tools, thereby increasing productivity and accuracy. These separators also help protect capital plant equipment, and comply with workplace exposure limits. Larger particles cannot follow the high-speed spiral motion and are thrown against the inside walls of the cyclone. They then fall down into a collection hopper. The cyclone separator body is often shaped like an upside down cone to promote this separating action. The collected debris is then cleaned by water introduced into the cyclone. This water wets the walls of the cyclone and prevents the particles from reentraining. Nederman solutions use a proprietary media technology called FibreDrain, which provides superior separation and drainage performance in demanding conditions. This results in long filter life and lower operating costs. We offer both wet and dry cyclone separators to meet your specific needs. Cyclone Filter Screen Mist and smoke pose different challenges for air filtration systems than dust or fumes. They must be captured using a special type of filter, called a packed-bed or coalescing filter. This type of filter works even when saturated, whereas normal filters become ineffective when soaked with oil mist. Cyclone-screen mist eliminators work on the principle that sand and water of different densities swirl together in a cyclonic separator, separating the low density sand from the high density water. The sand and water then discharge from separate outlets, with the sand being dragged back into the cyclone for recycling and the water returning to the plant for reuse. The Donaldson Torit WSO (Way-Soluble Oil) Mist Collector features proprietary Synteq XP media technology engineered for superior draining, which significantly reduces operating pressure drop and extends filter life. It is available in several configurations, including machine-mountable stand, floor-mounted stand, ducted cellular and central systems. These systems provide leaner operation, cost savings and cleaner plant air. Final Filtration Oil mist collectors remove airborne coolant, oil and metal mists that can be dispersed by milling or grinding operations. These systems are designed to work with a wide range of machines and can eliminate harmful contaminants from the air in your shop. The first filter layer is a cleanable, stainless-steel woven mesh that prevents iron chips and other impurities from disrupting the oil mist recovery system. The next layer is a three-dimensional impact process that separates the oil from the air and collects up to 70% of the oils molecules for reuse. Many facilities are switching away from smoky and dusty shops to cleaner, brighter, fresh air machining areas. These systems will help increase production, protect capital equipment and comply with OSHA workplace exposure limits. Aeroex offers a range of fully modular and optimized systems to meet the needs of any CNC machining application. These systems are also easily scalable and replicable, simplifying technology transfer to other sites.

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