Integrative Medicine in Austin

Integrative medicine is health care that uses all appropriate therapeutic approaches-conventional and non-mainstream-in a framework that focuses on the patient, the practitioner and the healing process. It encourages a collaborative approach and is open to new paradigms.

Imagine a life with effortless weight loss, optimum blood sugar, balanced hormones and immunity, flawless digestion and clear brain function. This is possible through integrative and functional medicine.
AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine

The AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine is a unique institution that offers students an in-depth education in traditional Chinese medicine. The program is designed for students who want to become highly skilled practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The program also covers tuina (Chinese medical massage) and Qi Gong, which help patients achieve optimal health.

AOMA is regionally accredited and its students come from all over the country. The school is also affiliated with a number of national and international professional organizations, including the American Society for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health. It also hosts the annual Southwest Symposium and provides its students with opportunities to practice acupuncture in student and professional clinics. AOMA also provides free and reduced-price treatments to members of the local community.
Alejandra Carrasco MD

Alejandra Carrasco is a primary care provider who sees patients with common medical problems. She also provides preventive care, treats urgent problems and refers patients to specialists when needed.

She was inspired to study integrative medicine after a challenging prenatal experience. During this time she learned that conventional medicine often masks symptoms rather than solve them. She is now committed to helping women get their health back, and is an expert in hormone and gut health.

Her practice is virtual and includes patients in Colorado, Michigan, and Texas. She uses an Integrative Functional Medicine approach to help patients identify and address root causes of their symptoms. Her clinical approach combines classical homeopathy to stimulate vitality, systemic herbology to support specific tissues, and clinical nutrition for metabolic balance.
Family Health & Wellness Clinic

The Family Health & Wellness Clinic offers comprehensive primary care services for both adults and children. They use a functional medicine approach to treat a variety of acute and chronic health conditions. They also provide annual wellness exams and telemedicine. They offer a wide range of lab services, including COVID-19 testing.

The clinic aims to become Texans’ one stop shop for all of their health needs. They currently operate in Austin and Leander, with plans to expand across the state. They have a team of registered dietitians and clinical pharmacists to help you with your wellness goals. They offer affordable individual visit pricing and monthly subscriptions, allowing patients to avoid surprise medical bills. They also accept cash, credit and flexible spending accounts. They focus on preventive healthcare, incorporating holistic care techniques to support long term physical and mental health.
Austin Wellness Collaborative

The Austin Wellness Collaborative (AWC) is a group of practitioners that breaks down the silos that keep health and wellness professionals disconnected. It aims to bring all types of healers together to facilitate collaboration and community. This group includes everything from allopathic physicians and chiropractors to energy healers, psychotherapists, massage therapists and yoga teachers.

Jenna Valentine is a Holistic Practitioner offering Asian Body Work, Cupping, Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine at her practice Valentine Care. Jenna believes that all people share one common desire to love and be loved. Jenna joins Lisa Alastuey to talk about empowering the hearts and minds of her patients through her holistic approach to health and wellness.

UT Health Austin’s Integrated Behavioral Health service is comprised of licensed clinical social workers, dietitians, and behavioral health pharmacists that work alongside medical specialists to treat the whole patient. These disciplines address the social determinants of health, which are as important to your well-being as your medical condition.
Dr. Shelly Sethi

Imagine being CEO of your health, thriving in a body that is balanced and energized. Imagine having a life free of symptoms, where hormones are in balance, digestion is flawless, and your immune system is strong enough to fight off infections and environmental toxicities. Imagine having the energy to play with your kids, to work competitively at work and to maintain a healthy weight.

She helps patients identify the root causes of their symptoms, evaluating them for thyroid and hormone imbalances, poor diet and digestive problems, low cellular membrane resiliency and impaired detoxification pathways. She also teaches culinary medicine and mind-body skills seminars and has been a practicing and teaching meditation for over 20 years.

She earned her medical degree from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine – Seton Hill and is licensed to practice in Texas. She accepts multiple insurance plans.integrative medicine austin

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