Cycling Gifts

Cycling can be a very solitary pursuit and those who enjoy it often have their own little world. It can also be quite a social activity.

These cycling-inspired earrings make a great gift for any cyclist. They are handmade in the UK by a small business. Road safety is a big thing for cyclists and this Knog Oi Classic bell is both practical and eye-catching.

Colombian Climbs

Abejorral is one of Colombia’s top climbing destinations. It has the most routes in the country and a mix of trad and sport. The crags are quiet during the week but come weekends and you’ll find a ton of locals.

Martinez grew up in a town at 8,400 feet—the altitude that produces climbers the way the Nebraskan prairie churns out offensive linemen. She now rides for the prestigious Team Medellin-EPM and races alongside her countrymen in nine WorldTour teams.

She rides a custom steel frame from Scarab Cycles, a small Colombian framebuilder whose bikes are imbued with the ideals of long ascents and high-altitude mountaineering.

Merino Arm Warmers

If you want to give a gift that will keep them covered in the elements these are a great option. They’re insulating but lightweight and don’t hold moisture and smell as synthetic fabrics do.

Made from a fabric developed by Rapha (perhaps by sheep herded around Alpe d’Huez) these warmers add warmth to your short-sleeve jersey and provide protection from wind, cold and rain. They’re breathable enough to stay comfortable when you start working up a sweat and a soft rubber gripper at the top keeps them in place.

Made from a thicker fleece fabric, these are ideal for 40- to 55-degree rides and offer added protection from the elements. They also insulate and have a soft rubber gripper at the top to prevent them migrating down your arm.

Knog Oi Classic Bell

If you’re buying for a cycling fanatic it’s hard to go wrong with this understated yet stylish little bell. Sleek and sexy, this unobtrusive bike bell sounds like an angel playing the glockenspiel and fits any cylindrical handlebar.

Knog worked extensively to get the perfect sound and pitch as well as long ring duration. They also incorporated into the shape of the mount a cable management system, which helps keep the bike neat and organised.

Reviews are key when it comes to buying cycling gear, and this product has an excellent average review score of 3.3 over at Chain Reaction Cycles. That makes this the perfect present for any cyclist.

LeCol Climbing Socks

A good pair of cycling socks will have a thin fit that is designed to complement the snug fit of bicycle shoes. They will also feature moisture-wicking properties to stop sweat soaking your socks and softening your skin, which can cause blisters.

They will also help to prevent shoe odor, which can be caused by shoes being overworn or rands coming unglued. For crack climbers, socks can also help to prevent abrasion from foot jamming and off-widths.

These LeCol socks are made from a durable polyamide yarn and feature a honeycomb design that promotes breathability and compression over long rides. They are also cut to sit at a modern height and have a ribbed cuff that stays up on your ankles.


Clocks are used in many places, from homes to schools and workplaces. They can be both functional and decorative, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

A wall clock is a great cycling gift for a friend or loved one, and it can also be a nice way to add a little personality to the home. Some wall clocks even have a quote on them, which can be a good reminder to make the most of your time.

If you’re looking for some more practical cycling gifts, then the waterproof cycling socks or shoe covers and the bike mudguards are excellent options. Alternatively, the eight-in-one bicycle cleaning kit and smartphone cycling gloves are also ideal.

Bottle Opener

A Bottle opener is a device that allows for the removal of metal bottle caps. It can also be used to reseal bottles.

This multi-tool is the perfect companion for a cyclist on the go. It opens bottles and reseals them with one easy motion. It also has a set of metal teeth that can remove stubborn corks.

The ring bottle opener is commonly used by waiters as it enables them to open and serve bottles without having to go back to the bar for more. It is also safer than using a knife or a corkscrew.

A Custom Bottle opener can be a great gift for any occasion. Get in touch with the expert team at Totally Promotional today!

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