German Lessons in London

German is an important language for anyone looking to improve their career prospects or expand business horizons. It’s also an important cultural language that can help you understand and connect with many different people around the world.

German is the official language of Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein and a co-official language in parts of Switzerland. It’s also the lingua franca in many other countries.

Westminster University

The University of Westminster offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses. Students can choose from a range of subject areas including language, English, and international business. They will learn to communicate in a variety of cultural settings and acquire the necessary skills for lifelong learning.

The university is organized into colleges with schools specializing in different academic and professional fields. CEA encourages you to select courses from no more than two of these colleges, as commuting between campuses can be time-consuming. You must submit a portfolio of course selections and alternates to the university before you arrive in London. This will allow the university to pre-approve your selections for ease of registration when you get there. Students interested in enrolling in practical courses at the School of Media Art and Design are required to submit a portfolio of slides, photographs, or digital images to demonstrate their level and suitability for the course.

For a full list of available undergraduate courses at the university, please refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalogues page on the website. Some courses have pre-requisite requirements, meaning that you must complete a previous module in order to be eligible for the next one. For example, Level 5 and 6 modules may require you to have completed a certain level of German before being approved for them.

City Literary Institute

The City Literary Institute, known as “City Lit”, is a leading adult education college in the heart of London. It offers a wide variety of non-vocational courses to anyone who wants to attend, regardless of age or background. Its classes are top-quality, well-researched, and well-taught, and they’re priced affordably. Whether you want to learn German for work or just for fun, you can find the right class at City Lit.

The college was founded in 1919 after the City of London County Council (LCC) wanted to strengthen non-vocational education. It set up five literary institutes, including Plumstead and Woolwich, Marylebone, Dalston, and Peckham. However, only the City Literary Institute survives today.

City Lit is Europe’s largest centre for adult learning, and students take over 5,000 courses during the daytime and evening at its purpose-built campus in Covent Garden. The school has many specialisms, including education for deaf adults and work in stammering therapy. It also hosts a programme of visual arts exhibitions, drama productions, and music performances.

The college offers an array of German language lessons, and uses a communicative approach to teaching. This approach focuses on speaking and listening, instead of grammar. While this may be intimidating for some students, it is a more effective way to learn the language. Moreover, the school provides many opportunities to practice your German outside of the classroom through internships, study abroad, and fieldwork trips.

Goethe Institut

The Goethe-Institut is a German language school that is part of a global network. Its nearly 169 institutes in 98 countries disseminate information about German culture and language worldwide. The institution is funded by the German government, local and state governments, and business enterprises. In addition, the institute receives donations from private individuals and foundations.

It aims to convey an all-round image of Germany and promote international cultural cooperation. It also serves as a venue for dialogue and exchange. The Goethe-Institut is a non-profit association that is legally registered as the Goethe-Institut e.V. The Institute was established in 1951, replacing the Deutsche Akademie.

Besides offering German lessons London, the Goethe-Institut also provides online group courses that can be taken at any time. These are offered with different intensities to suit your learning progression. Students are placed into groups according to their results from a placement test, and each course is taught by a qualified German teacher.

The Goethe-Institut is known for its free podcasts, such as “Gruesse aus Deutschland,” or “Greetings from Germany.” Its website features more than 60 entertaining episodes, which you can listen to on your mobile device or computer. You can even download the transcripts and take a quiz to test your knowledge of German. Currently, the Goethe-Institut is offering German exams at various proficiency levels.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London offers German lessons in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities. The school is located in the wealthy South Kensington neighborhood, a short walk from top concert venues like the Royal Albert Hall and Kensington Palace, and surrounded by foreign embassies, museums, and world-class restaurants. The program also offers access to the best of what London has to offer, including its stunning skyline and ultramodern transportation system.

The university has a global reach and is known for its world-class research, collaboration with industry, and entrepreneurship culture. It is currently working around-the-clock to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, and its students and staff have already made significant contributions to virology, epidemiology, vaccine development, and diagnostics. It is also a hub of innovation, with a strong emphasis on the use of digital technology and the development of innovative teaching methods.

Students can choose to take their courses online or in-person. Lessons are conducted by professional instructors from the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE), who are all native speakers or have high levels of fluency. They are popular with their students and create a friendly, motivating atmosphere in their classes. They also offer a wide range of course packages, from beginner to advanced level. In-person courses are offered in the fall and spring, and online lessons are available year-round.

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