Zip HydroTap – Instant, Great-Tasting Drinking Water With One Tap

Zip HydroTap offers instant, great-tasting boiling and filtered chilled drinking water with one tap. It has superior product engineering, MicroPurity filtration and timeless design. It is safer and more efficient than using a kettle. It can be positioned away from sinks with the optional Zip “font” accessory and has power-saving features.
Designed to last

Whether you’re replacing a dated office water dispenser or designing an eco-friendly new office, Zip HydroTap brings wellness and productivity to the workplace. By dispensing on-demand filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, a HydroTap revolutionises hydration and replaces expensive, environmentally damaging bottled drinks and slow, energy-guzzling kettles.

Zip HydroTaps are designed to complement any kitchen aesthetic, from ultra-modern to traditional. Our timeless standard finishes include classic chrome and stylish matte black. Selecting the perfect tap finish is quick and simple using our online Specifier. From compact on-wall systems to the ultimate design statement, the HydroTap Celsius Plus All-in-One with five water types and a unique integrated hose system delivering snag-proof pull-out sprayer, there’s a Zip HydroTap to suit your lifestyle, space and requirements. The latest innovation in the range is the incredibly efficient G4 HydroTap G4 All-in-One, which dispenses filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling – plus hot water – all from the elegant Arc or Cube tap.
Easy to install

With advanced energy efficiency and best-in-class cooling technology, Zip HydroTaps perform to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability. They use 53% less energy than superseded models, and the innovative air-cooled ventilation system uses no water in the cooling process.

Each Zip HydroTap comes with a genuine MicroPurity filter that removes chlorine, taste, odour, sediment and bacteria, including cryptosporidium and giardia cysts. It also reduces lead and lowers the dissolved mineral content in your water. Its 0.2-micron technology provides an exceptionally clean, pure and healthy drink.

All plumbing and electrical work must be carried out by qualified tradespeople to ensure your system is safe and working properly. The system is easy to maintain, with a PIN code-protected touchscreen that lets you personalise your settings and check performance. It also includes a log that monitors the system for any faults. It is also backed by an extensive network of trained service technicians and a national warranty.
Easy to use

Whether installed on an existing sink or as part of a new kitchen renovation, Zip HydroTaps are simple to use. A simple touchscreen allows you to personalise your system to work how you want it, with energy modes and usage configurations tailored to suit your needs.

A touch of the hand and a simple tap provides instant filtered boiling water with no splashing. The touch-free wave function uses smart infrared sensors to detect a hand approaching the tap and activates it for contactless dispensing. This eliminates direct hand-to-hand contact and minimises the risk of germ transfer.

With patented Zip PowerPulse electronics, timed power-off modes and a luxe-based standby function, G4 systems are also highly energy efficient. This along with a high-tech insulation and advanced filtration, makes the G4 an environmentally responsible solution for boiling, chilled and sparkling water. It also comes with a 2 year free HydroCare service plan that includes filter changes, sanitisation and parts & labour.
Easy to maintain

With regular maintenance, you can be sure your Zip product will continue to perform at maximum efficiency. This helps to reduce downtime and avoid unexpected breakdowns. With PM Care plans from the Wellbeing Group, you can get tailored packages with scheduled visits to change water filters and sanitise your Zip HydroTap G3. PM Care plans also save you money on standard pay-as-you-go service rates and ad hoc maintenance. For more information on the benefits of a PM Care plan for your Zip product, click here. Registering your product will give you access to expert advice and support, exclusive offers and a quick video guide on how to set up your command centre for your preferred settings.

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