Why You Shouldn’t Trust an Agency With Your Facebook Ad Account

Creating & managing campaigns takes time and requires skill. However, it’s also risky to trust an agency with your account.

Generally, when a client hires a new agency the accounts they have built depart with them. This results in the loss of valuable historic data.

Look for agencies with experience and a proven track record. The speed at which they reply to your inquiries is a good indication of their professionalism.

Absence of Daily Spend Limits

Agency ad accounts are specialized advertising tools used by professional marketing agencies to manage high-spend marketing campaigns for clients. They typically have a higher daily spending limit and provide direct access to Facebook representatives to help resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes, you can run into limits on your ad account without even realizing it until your ads are stopped. This can happen when growth occurs rapidly or a credit card is accidentally charged to a new, higher limit.

Using an agency account is helpful in these instances because it eliminates the issue of having your ads limited due to a budget restriction or overspend. This can save your business a lot of money, time, and energy as you work to reach your marketing goals.

Extensive Campaign Creation

Professional marketing agencies know how to maximize Facebook ad campaigns. This enables them to get your ads in front of more people and achieve your desired business goals. This is made possible because agency accounts have a higher daily spending limit and enjoy direct access to Facebook representatives.

Additionally, many agencies offer free backup Facebook agency accounts so that they can keep advertising for you even if your account gets blocked. They also provide guidance and 24/7 support to make sure your ad campaigns are successful. They will also be able to help you recover your account in case it is banned due to violations of Facebook’s policies. This way, you won’t miss any sales opportunities.

Flexibility to Scale Campaigns Strategically

When you have a high-performing campaign, horizontal scaling allows you to expand your reach to new audience segments. For example, you can extend your campaign to mobile users or add new geographic locations. It’s important to test these campaigns first before deploying them on a large scale.

It’s also important to avoid ad fatigue by monitoring the performance of your creatives and frequency. To do this, use Ads Manager’s creative reporting tool to compare the reach, clicks and conversions of different versions of your ads.

Another benefit of owning your ad account is that it stays yours when you change agencies. This makes it easier to preserve the data that your ad platform has learned over time. This is important as agencies come & go while your decision makers change roles.

No Prepayment Requirement

A huge benefit of working with an agency account is that there’s no need to make a prepayment before starting a campaign. This allows you to optimize your accounts receivable strategy and speed up cash flow.

Another reason to consider working with an agency is their 24/7 support and guidance. They also offer regular audits and quality checks. This ensures that you’re running your campaigns correctly, which is vital for success on social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

In addition to this, an agency account is less likely to be banned than a personal one. This is because a Facebook agency account has a higher level of trust and can handle larger budgets. Additionally, it offers a smooth recovery process should the account be banned for any reason.


As a client, you should be clear on the fees your agency charges before you sign an agreement. Transparent communication is key and asking for detailed breakdowns of costs helps to avoid hidden charges or surprises.

It can be difficult to calculate annual agency fees based on performance metrics because clients’ needs evolve alongside results. This is particularly true in marketing where there are often unforeseen opportunities for growth.

Agencies have historically remunerated themselves using project, hourly, or retainer pricing models that require advance payment. However, progressive marketers are beginning to consider alternative compensation models like value-based and outcome-based remuneration. These pricing models provide more transparency and align incentives with business objectives. They are also sustainable and more equitable over time.

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