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Why Choose Norcold Refrigerators?

There are plenty of RVs on the road today with 20-year-old Norcold refrigerators that still work like new. This is because Norcold fridges are built to last.

Located in Sidney, Ohio, Norcold has been producing RV gas/electric absorption refrigerators since 1959 and was purchased by Thetford Corporation in 1997. Their refrigerators are ideal for RV, van and truck applications.
Largest Refrigerators on the Market

If you’re looking for a large RV refrigerator, there are several models to choose from that run on both electricity and propane. Some of the largest Norcold fridges offer up to 30 cubic feet of storage and utilize innovative features that preserve food longer.

For instance, Samsung’s SpaceMax technology increases the interior space by adding extra-thin cooling components. This allows you to store more foods and drinks without sacrificing cooling performance or dimensions. Some models also feature gallon door storage to keep large beverages within reach and spill-proof shelves to control accidental messes.

You can also purchase a Samsung Mega Capacity French Door model that offers up to 30 cu. ft of storage in the full-depth design, including 22.3 cu. ft of refrigerator space and 8.5 cu. ft of freezer space in stainless steel or Matte Black. Adjustable slide-in shelving allows you to customize the space for your unique needs. Many customers love that this refrigerator has wide drawers to fit whole melons and large platters for entertaining.
Superior Cooling Units

When you choose a Norcold refrigerator, you’re choosing a cooler that’s built to last. They’re quiet, energy efficient and easy to use. Plus, they’re designed with RVs in mind so that they’re going to work well in your motorhome or travel trailer.

Norcold manufactures absorption fridges and freezers that run off of either LP gas or electricity. These appliances use a distillation process to cool the food. Heat, from an electric or LP gas flame boils the working fluid (ammonia) turning it into a gas and leaving behind water as a liquid.

They also offer a Polar series that’s more like a residential fridge. These fridges are more durable and feature hidden hinges, recessed handles and taller door panels. They’re great for those that need a larger refrigerator that can fit into tight spaces. They’re also more energy-efficient than other brands.
Bold New Looks

Bring a residential look to your RV kitchen with upgraded appearance features that include taller door panels for more built-in styling and reversible doors. Also featured is a larger, more visible LCD control panel that’s easily operated at eye level.

The Cold Weather Kit draws 12V from the fridge to power a heater on the weak solution tube – effectively warming it up and stopping it from becoming gel-like and restricting flow. This feature is thermostatically controlled to only turn on when the coil temperature drops below a certain point.

Thetford’s refrigerators are made in Sidney, Ohio – America’s leading manufacturer of gas-absorption and AC/DC refrigerator/freezers for the RV, marine and truck markets. The company also produces Tecma toilets, waste transfer systems and other quality sanitation products for the mobile market. All Thetford products are backed by the finest service, parts and technical support in the industry. The company’s headquarters is in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Built to Last

When it comes to durability, Norcold fridges are a great option. These units can easily hold up to harsh off-road travels and frequent use, so they’re ideal for RVers who like to spend time on the road.

In addition, Norcold refrigerators are often quieter than electric models, since they don’t require a compressor to run. Instead, they use the movement of liquid and a burner to cool your food, which helps keep noise levels low.

Regardless of your needs, Norcold’s Polar DC/12V series has the right fridge for you. This line offers both 2-way and 3-way fridges that operate on LP gas, 120V AC power, or battery power. All fridges feature a manual defrost and an energy-saving night mode. They also include adjustable bins that accommodate a variety of container sizes. This makes them a great option for marine, camper van and truck applications. These fridges are made in America and have been designed for reliability and longevity.

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