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Why Choose 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

SILK is one of the softest materials on earth and is at least 40% smoother than cotton. This allows your skin to glide across the pillowcase and doesn’t rub against your face.

Silk also reduces friction and retains natural oils so it keeps your skin glowing and hydrated throughout the night. It helps prevent split ends and frizz, too.

It’s soft

Silk pillowcases are a great addition to any beauty sleep routine. They help eliminate bedhead, frizz and sleep wrinkles while allowing skin and hair to absorb precious moisture.

They’re also breathable, meaning they don’t clog pores like common fabrics. They’re a natural temperature regulator, too, so they help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

You can find a wide range of silk pillowcases in different prices and qualities. A good rule of thumb is to opt for an option with a momme count of 19 or higher.

It’s smooth

The smooth surface of 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases creates less friction for your skin and hair than cotton, resulting in less lines and creases. It also helps eliminate bed head and frizz while allowing your skin and hair to retain its moisture.

Silk pillowcases can also help prevent wrinkles, especially sleep wrinkles, according to dermatologists. It’s important to note, however, that these benefits are largely anecdotal.

In addition, a silk pillowcase can stop your hair from breakage and tangling, making it an ideal choice for anyone who experiences a lot of hair fall or damage. In fact, silk is said to be kinder to your hair than any other material.

It’s breathable

When it comes to sleep, nothing is better than a silk pillowcase. It helps your skin retain moisture and minimises sleep creases, preventing wrinkles from forming. It also keeps your hair soft and smooth overnight, so you can wake up without frizzy bed head.

When shopping for a silk pillowcase, look for one that’s made from 100% Mulberry silk in a charmeuse weave. This is the best type of silk for your skin and hair, as it’s very smooth and friction-free.

They come in a range of colours and patterns, and some are even available in vegan-friendly versions. However, it’s important to make sure the silk is made from a good quality, ethically sourced material. This means buying organic silk or choosing silk from wild sources.

It’s hypoallergenic

100% Mulberry silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and a great option for those with allergies or asthma. The natural fibres are coated with sericin, which repels dust mites and other allergens that can exacerbate your sleep conditions.

Moreover, it is also heat regulating and helps prevent overheating in hot weather. This means you’ll be cool, comfortable, and able to get a restful night of sleep.

Additionally, silk is less absorbent than cotton, which means face moisturizers and hair masks won’t ooze onto your pillowcase and be absorbed into your skin. This will help your skin and hair stay hydrated throughout the night and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the long run.

It’s anti-ageing

If you’re looking to give yourself or a loved one a truly luxury gift, look no further than our 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases. They have a soft, smooth and anti-ageing effect, which makes them ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or hair.

They also help your skin and hair stay hydrated overnight, minimising sleep creases and pressure on delicate facial skin. This helps prevent wrinkles caused by frequent sleep creases, and improves the hydration of your skin in the long term.

The anti-ageing effects of silk are believed to come from the fact that silk is less absorbent than cotton, which means it’s able to retain more moisture. This is why silk pillowcases are so effective in improving skin and hair hydration, as well as reducing wrinkling and fine lines in the long term.

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