What You Need to Know About Conservatory Roof Replacement

Conservatory roof replacement is a good option to improve thermal performance and reduce maintenance problems. However, it will transform your conservatory from a temporary extension to a permanent structure which means that you’ll need to comply with building regulations. Luckily, modern regulations allow solid roofs to be installed without the need for planning permission. There are several options to consider including tiled roof systems, sky pods and lanterns. Costs Many homeowners decide to replace their conservatory roof for a number of reasons. Some may find it a good opportunity to make their conservatory look different, whilst others might want to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Whatever your reason, the cost of a conservatory roof replacement will vary depending on the style and material you choose. Typically, polycarbonate conservatory roofs are cheaper than glass and solid tile roofs. However, you will need to factor in the cost of the additional structure needed to support the new roof. A leaking conservatory can cause damage to furniture and personal belongings within. While you can simply patch up the leaks, this is unlikely to stop the problem from returning in the future. It’s far more cost-effective to get a replacement roof from an experienced conservatory company. An instant tailored quote can help you plan your budget for the work. Here are some of the components typically included in the cost of a conservatory roof replacement: Materials The material that your new conservatory roof is made from will have a huge impact on the way you use your room throughout the year. Traditional tiles provide fantastic insulation and can be complemented by Velux-style roof windows for more natural light. Polycarbonate roof sheets are a good alternative to glass. They don’t require a reinforced frame and can be installed quite cheaply. However, they often suffer from leaking and overheating and are not as visually appealing. Glass is generally viewed as the superior option due to its great insulating properties and the fact that it allows more natural light into a room. Glass is also available in a wide range of finishes that can be tailored to suit your home. If you choose to go for a glass conservatory roof then be sure that the glazing company you employ is a member of one of the trade bodies governing the industry such as The Glass & Glazing Federation or Double Glazing and Conservatory Onbudsman Scheme (CERTASS). This will give you peace of mind that they have been trained in the correct installation techniques. Installation Over time, even the most well-built conservatories can start to show signs of wear and tear. This is especially true for roofs that are used regularly. Small problems may be able to be patched up, but frequent issues could be a sign that the roof or frame is starting to deteriorate. A replacement conservatory roof can be installed in a relatively short space of time and is far cheaper than building an entire new conservatory. This upgrade can revitalize a disused or neglected conservatory and add value to your property. A new solid roof will need to be approved by your local authority as this change in the classification of the structure means that it will be subject to different loadings. Before work starts, the existing roof and support frames will be inspected to make sure that they are robust enough for the extra weight. Outer sheets are then added that reduce the number of roofing bars and allow for insulation to be inserted. This is a thermally efficient solution that will keep the conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Maintenance A conservatory roof replacement is a structural project that can alter the integrity of your home. So, it’s important to follow maintenance procedures to make sure the new roof works properly. Some of these include keeping the gutters clear and repairing any cracks or leaks. Other things to watch out for include a draught that wasn’t there before or condensation. These are good indicators that it’s time for a new conservatory roof. Fluctuating temperatures are another big issue that could mean the existing roof isn’t sealing well anymore. Leaking where the roof meets your house is also a sign that you may need to replace the conservatory roof. This can be caused by the flashing which may have deteriorated or not been fitted correctly. This is something that should be done by a professional. It requires a ladder and new lead flashing, plus sealant to do this job properly. The good news is that it’s relatively affordable to have this done professionally.

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