Watten House – A Hidden Gem

A hidden treasure, Watten House is a heritage gem that beckons you to explore its captivating story and uncover the mysteries behind it. Located within the exclusive enclave of District 11 Bukit Timah, Watten House is home to a unique lifestyle that marries tranquillity and excitement. Designed with both residents’ health and well-being in mind, the development features hospitality-inspired amenities that elevate everyday living to a higher level.

The development’s spacious 3- and 4-bedroom units make it one of the largest new launches in Singapore, and are likely to appeal to affluent families seeking to expand their household. With its prime location, close proximity to schools and other amenities, Watten House is expected to command a premium over its resale counterparts in the area.

Residents will find that the beauty of nature is woven into the very fabric of Watten House. This is especially apparent in the courtyard and pool area where lush greenery adorns the serene surroundings. During your moments of solitude at home, you can take a break from the everyday and bask in the serenity of the natural environment. Awaken your senses with a revitalizing swim in the pool or rejuvenate yourself with an invigorating workout in the gym, where you can also envelop yourself in the soothing presence of the water feature and surrounding greenery.

At Watten House, a connection to the outdoors is facilitated by its proximity to several park and recreational spaces that allow you to unwind in nature’s embrace, from local hawker fare to gourmet delights. Moreover, discerning families will be pleased to learn that renowned schools such as Nanyang Primary and Raffles Girls’ School are just a stone’s throw away from the development.

In addition to the expansive greenery that encircles Watten House, the development is also situated near prestigious clubs and social institutions such as The British Club, Hollandse Club and Raffles Town Club, which are popular with members who enjoy socialising in an upscale setting.

The generosity of nature extends beyond the landscape and enters your home at Watten House, where artisanal details infuse each room with a touch of refinement. From the glint of polished countertops to the lustre of engineered timber flooring, your residence becomes an intimate experience that bespokely reflects your design for luxury.

The symbiotic relationship between nature and architecture is a signature feature of the project, with both elements blending seamlessly to create a harmonious environment that exudes a sense of calm. The timeless architecture and landscape are enhanced by an array of sculptural installations that evoke the spirit of the historic estate. The result is an enchanting space that exudes a legacy of its own, ensuring that Watten House will be a true gem for future generations to discover and appreciate.

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