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Watch Repair Near Me

Watch and clock repairers fix, restore, and maintain gadgets that tell time. They also polish watches and clocks to a beautiful shine.

Depending on the watch manufacturer’s recommendation, mechanical watches need a complete overhaul every four to five years.

Reviewers love this mom-and-pop shop’s candid, direct service. It can handle simple repairs like resizing and battery replacements in minutes flat.


Whether you need a quick watch battery replacement, a new band or a complete repair job for an antique watch, NY WATCH LAB can help. Their skilled technicians use the latest technology to ensure your watch is in top condition. They offer a variety of services, including jewelry repairs, watch batteries and replacement, pearl restringing, clasps, jewelry cleaning and even engraving services.

This mom-and-pop shop has a reputation for excellent service and quality repairs at reasonable prices. Often, they can fix the watch on the spot, but for bigger repairs they will provide you with a quote. This jeweler has locations in Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon and Washington.

This company offers a wide variety of services, including ring sizing, diamond setting, stone resetting and more. They also have a large selection of watches for sale. Their store locator tool makes it easy to find the nearest location. In addition, their warranties are very flexible and comprehensive.


You can have your Luminox watch battery replaced while you wait at most Batteries Plus Bulbs stores. The store will also be able to replace links, bracelets and straps, watch case or attachments as well as provide other standard services.

The cluttered little shop gets great reviews on Yelp for candid, direct service from the owner — he’ll check out your watch right away and often has the replacement battery in stock. He can also repair a watch while you wait for a reasonable price. He can even laser weld a broken watch part, which he did for RedBar Group CEO Kathleen McGivney after she dropped her vintage timepiece in the middle of a meeting. He sent it back the same day and it’s “technically stronger than ever,” she says.


A watch is a convenient way to tell time, but it can become an inconvenience when the battery dies. Replacing a watch battery is more than just putting in a new one, and you should take the time to find a professional who can do the job with the care and attention that your precious watch deserves.

While some people will attempt to replace the battery in a watch themselves, this is a dangerous option that could lead to damage to delicate components. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for watching repair near me that will provide quality services at an affordable price.

A few of these places include Ashcroft & Oak/Rogers & Holland, Kohl’s, and the We Fix It counters in Batteries Plus Bulbs stores. For a quick and cheap watch battery replacement, check out this South Park Slope spot that Yelpers rave about for its speed and affordability (typically $5 or less for battery replacements). Other services available include pearl restringing, clasp repair and engraving.


There’s nothing worse than a broken watch—and a watch is a precious gift that deserves to be in top condition. Luckily, there are plenty of Watch repair near me shops in the city that can help you fix your favorite timepieces and keep them looking like new.

This tiny mom-and-pop shop in midtown is praised by Yelpers for its candid, direct service. Customers say you can bring in a watch for an immediate inspection, and they’re often able to fix it right on the spot. They also have a reputation for being fast and affordable.

Luminox will repair the product under warranty free of charge provided that the warranty certificate is presented with the watch. This warranty excludes damage to the watch caused by abuse, negligence, or use of the watch for purposes other than normal wear and tear, or damage to the battery, crystal, strap, or attachments. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary by country or state.

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