Valworx Explosion Proof Electric Actuator For Wafer Body Butterfly Valve

CORNELIUS, NC – Valworx has released the explosion proof electric actuator for their wafer body butterfly valve. These 5818 series units are certified for use where flammable gases are present and feature visual and electrical valve position indication, manual override and weatherproof enclosure. They are available for purchase now and orders received by 3pm ET will ship same day.
Stainless Steel Flange Valve

ANSI class 150 flanged stainless steel investment cast 2-piece Full Port valve allows unrestricted flow, minimum pressure loss and simple maintenance. Electric actuated dual certified low emission/fire safe explosion proof actuator mounts between standard flanges eliminating pipe threads and offering a more streamlined and cleaner system. On receipt of a continuous voltage signal, the motor rotates via a self-locking gear drive to open or close the ball. The actuator stays in its last known position on loss of power. Optional EPS- Electronic Positioning System provides accurate control of the valve position using a 4-20mA input control signal to drive the actuator motor and gear box. Available in a variety of configurations including: On/Off and Valve Positioner control. Rack & Pinion pneumatic actuators are available in double acting or spring return, using compressed air to create the rotary motion that opens and closes the flanged ball valve.
Wafer Body Butterfly Valve

Valworx explosion proof lug body butterfly valve offers on-off control of air, water, oil and other media compatible with the materials of construction. It is certified for use where flammable gases may be present (see Approvals). Electric actuators offer visual and electrical valve position indication, manual override and weatherproof enclosure. The EPS positioning module is self-calibrating and fully potted to help protect against vibration and moisture which can affect accurate valve positioning. It operates on a continuous 4-20mA input control signal and remains in the last known position on loss of power. On receipt of a reversing continuous signal the motor rotates in the opposite direction to reverse the valve position.
5818 Series Electric Actuator

Valworx offers an explosion proof electric actuator that is suitable for automating quarter turn ball valves 1/4″ to 3″ and resilient seated butterfly valves 2″ to 4″. The actuator operates using power-to-open/power-to-close. When a continuous control signal is applied the motor runs and via a rugged all metal gear drive rotates the output drive 90 degrees. An internal microprocessor and closed loop feedback system continuously monitors and maintains accurate valve positioning. The 5818 Series features visual and electrical valve position indication, manual override and weatherproof enclosures. An optional anti-condensation heater and thermostat are available.

These actuators are UL and CSA listed, meet NFPA 69 requirements and are certified to ATEX standards. They are easily installed using standard ISO5211 multi-flange mounting and double square drive.
EL-XP Electric Actuator

The EL-XP electric actuator is designed to automate quarter turn ball valves, butterfly valves and dampers. This explosion proof electric actuator is ideal for applications where flammable gases may be present. This series of electric actuators uses power-to-open and power-to-close functionality and will stay in last known position on loss of power. It is easy to install using standard ISO 5211 multi-flange mounting and a double square drive.

The electrical excitation of DE actuator was performed with a portable high voltage DC converter, type XP Power FS50P-12. The compliant electrode material used was ALDRICH graphite powder, which maintains its conductivity even at large DE actuator strain levels and has a very low in-plane stiffness and thickness.

The EL-XP is offered with various torque outputs and electric motor options including 115VAC and 12VDC. Modulating control and heating accessories are also available. The housing is corrosion resistant NEMA 4, 4X, 7 and 9. It has a visual position indicator and two auxiliary dry contact limit switches.

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