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Types of Coffee Shops in the Netherlands

There are many different types of coffee shops in the Netherlands. Some are more tourist-friendly, while others offer a more local feel. In addition, some offer a variety of other drinks and snacks.

Some of the more popular Dutch coffee shops include Siberie and Barney’s. These places attract both tourists and locals with their relaxed atmosphere and wholesome vibes.


As one of the most renowned Amsterdam coffee shops, Barney’s is a must-visit for cannabis enthusiasts. Its reputation for blending quirky aesthetics and first-rate weed has earned it thousands of excellent reviews on Google. It’s no wonder that the shop is always packed. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and the coffee is strong and delicious. It’s also a great place to try the popular Laughing Buddha strain.

The Barney’s brand is made up of several locations, all located on Haarlemmerstraat in the heart of De Wallen. The location offers a large selection of high-quality marijuana products, including sativas and indicas. Its budtenders are knowledgeable and will help you select the perfect product for your needs. In addition to their selection of marijuana, this store also sells food, such as kacamak and frosted brownies. It also has a range of sodas and drinks.

The Boerejongens coffeeshop is a short walk from the Amsterdam Centraal railway station and boasts an elegant setting. Its bright interiors are reminiscent of an old apothecary, and the staff are friendly and helpful. The shop also serves a range of beverages, including freshly squeezed juices and espressos. The shop also carries a wide variety of herbal products, such as CBD oils and premium cigars. Boerejongens also has a selection of snacks and desserts, such as space muffins.


Located along the Brouwersgracht this is one of Amsterdam’s more modern coffeeshops, it doesn’t have the traditional feel but its huge inside. This makes it a more comfortable experience and they host DJs at weekends and also host free horoscope readings as well as other events. This is another one of the city’s most popular with locals and tourists.

Named after a Russian word for ‘second room’ this coffeeshop is a converted garage with a homely atmosphere with candles and art work, it’s very welcoming. The menu here is a little more limited but they serve good food and are open to the public. Tweede Kamer is a popular choice for groups and couples.

Although the term ‘coffee shop’ in Amsterdam has no legal definition the city does a good job of regulating them and keeping them safe. Most coffee shops have blacked out windows or storefronts and won’t have any obvious reference to cannabis culture or getting high. Other telltale signs are bright neon signs, quirky names and a pleasant smell.

Amsterdam’s coffeeshops are all very different and cater to a wide range of people, this includes the discerning traveller or the casual user who just wants a laid back place to chill. A number of them have been open for decades and some like the Bulldog chain have almost a mini-empire with locations all over the RLD. Other long established coffeeshops include Baba, Abraxas and the Grey Area along Oude Leliestraat.

High Roller

In the Netherlands it is illegal to possess or sell hard drugs. However, soft drugs like marijuana are tolerated by the Dutch government under strict conditions. The country’s policy of toleration also allows for the sale of cannabis in “coffee shops.” These establishments are referred to as coffee shops because they serve no alcohol and do not have an open-air smoking area. The coffee shops display a green and white license sticker in their window.

A typical coffee shop in Amsterdam offers a variety of marijuana and hashish products. Most are upscale, modern, and light-filled. Some feature lounge-style furniture and large windows overlooking the city’s renowned Red Light District. Others offer psychedelic vibes and a relaxed atmosphere. The staff is knowledgeable and can help you select the right strain for your needs.

Most coffeeshops in the Netherlands sell baggies of weed for about EUR10-15 and prerolled joints for about EUR5 each. The budtenders can also provide a rolling paper dispenser and a loaner bong or vaporizer. They may even have edibles, such as weed cakes or brownies. Edibles are much stronger than smokable cannabis and take longer to kick in.

Only residents of the Netherlands are allowed to purchase marijuana at a coffeeshop, though this rule is not always enforced. Tourists are still welcome at the coffeeshops, but it is recommended to bring a copy of your ID.


Boerejongens is one of the best-known coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Its unique interior, which resembles an old pharmacy, is what makes it stand out from the crowd. This makes it one of the most friendly and hospitable coffeeshops in town. You can easily find it on the Utrechtsestraat 21. The budtenders are very helpful and will give you great advice. The selection is also impressive. They have a variety of different strains, including their famous moon rocks.

Boeerejongens is located in the heart of Amsterdam and is a short walk from most other attractions. It is a small, intimate coffeeshop that is cosy and warm, yet still very professional. Their staff is well-trained and they are willing to help anyone, even the most seasoned smokers. They are also very knowledgeable about the effects of different strains.

The ambiance at Boerejongens is also unique. Its decor is inspired by the Dutch Golden Age and has a very classy feel to it. The interior features wooden and brass elements that make it look like a fancy doctor’s office. The budtenders here wear white doctors coats and are very knowledgeable about the different strains on offer. They will happily help you find a suitable strain for your needs.

Green House Centrum is a popular coffeeshop for cannabis lovers in Amsterdam. This is due to its association with Strain Hunters, a group of experts that source high-quality landrace strains from around the world. It is one of the most prestigious coffeeshops in the Netherlands and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

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