Types of Bathroom Trays

Bathroom trays are small accessories that don’t get much attention but they need to be cleaned regularly. They can be made from plastic, which is durable and easy to clean or from metal.

This shampoo tray is contoured to fit the neck comfortably and rest on the shoulders for convenient shampooing in a seated position. The 35” strap wraps around the client’s forearm to stabilize the tray.

EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray

The EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray helps caregivers quickly shampoo and rinse hair for patients while they are lying down, eliminating the need to transfer less ambulatory patients to and from their mobility aids. This deep basin has a dual-tube outer rim for optimal splash protection; a neck opening and cushion supports the head; and raised edges help prevent water from spilling over.

Contoured to fit the neck comfortably and rest on the shoulders for easy shampooing in a seated position. A unique flexible rubber facing surrounds the tray and neck opening for superior comfort and to prevent slipping; 35″ strap wraps around client’s forearm to stabilize tray. The compact and lightweight design diminishes awkward bending for those with limited movement and reduces back strain on the caregiver. Durable plastic construction easily cleaned with soap and household disinfectant. Made in the USA.

Inflatable Shampoo Tray

BACS À SHAMPOING help individuals who are confined to a chair, wheelchair or bed stay comfortable during the hair washing process. They usually feature a soft, built-in neck support for added comfort and are easy to inflate with mouth or pump. They also usually include internal water gathering systems that are easily and conveniently drained via a one-way drain hose, which is attached to the basin or a separate drainage container that hangs above it.

These convenient, effective hair wash solutions are often used in long-term care facilities and at home for those who cannot or prefer not to lean backward into a sink during their bathing. They provide a safe and secure way for caregivers to quickly and safely shampoo the head, neck and shoulders of patients or clients. They are lightweight and compact for easy storage when not in use. Many are latex-free to prevent sensitivities and allergic reactions in some individuals.

Neck Washing Tray

A neck washing tray is a plastic basin that fits around the neck and shoulders of an individual while they sit with their back toward a sink. The neck fitting has a contour at one edge and a high rim running all the way around to prevent water from spilling over the sides of the tray.

The shampoo tray allows the person to stay seated and keep their hands free while having their hair washed, and it eliminates any awkward bending for the caregiver. Some designs feature flexible rubber facing that surrounds the tray and neck opening for superior comfort, and 35″ straps that wrap around the forearms to stabilize the tray.

This plastic tray is shaped to fit behind the head and attaches with a hook and loop strap, so the user can sit with their back toward a sink while having their hair washed. It also features a raised edge to prevent water from spilling over, and it is made of durable plastic that is easily cleansed with soap or household disinfectant.

Bedside Shampoo Basin and Tray

Bedside shampoo basins make it easy for caregivers to wash hair, dress head wounds or irrigate ears for bedridden patients. These plastic or inflatable basins mount on the shoulders and rest in a comfortable position while allowing the patient to remain fully seated and in bed. They are lightweight and simple to clean and sanitize.

Inflatable bathing aids can be inflated orally or by using an air pump. When deflated, they take up very little space for storage. They also come with a drain hose that efficiently removes soap suds and water to the drainage container.

For those with limited mobility or who can’t stand or lean backward, a shampoo funnel can be attached to the top of the neck washing tray. This allows the user to rinse their hair in a seated position. They are easy to clean and sanitize and are latex-free. They are available in several styles and sizes. Many also have a built in neck rest that comfortably supports the head and shoulders.

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