Top 5 Free AI Tools

Free AI tools enable individuals with limited resources to experiment and gain practical experience in artificial intelligence. This is vital for ensuring that the advantages of AI aren’t restricted to those who have access to large budgets.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to summarize a long article or want to swap your face with a celebrity, there are many interesting free AI tools that can help you with your tasks. Some of these tools even save you time by automating tedious tasks like rewriting sentences, removing noise from audio recordings or creating text-based illustrations.

These free AI tools can help you find new scientific knowledge more quickly and easily by analyzing the language of scientific papers, finding influencers in your field, and recommending relevant research. They can also help you understand and translate complicated “legalese” into more accessible terms, making them useful for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the latest research in their field.

The AI writing tool Jasper is a great option for marketers who need to write a variety of different types of copy. It can generate Ad copy, product descriptions, website copy, Instagram captions, and more. It uses GPT-3 and has a number of templates to choose from, and it can help you create content that’s more compelling to your audience. It has a free trial, but after that, paid plans start at $40/month.

For those who need to organize their video library, Nova A.I. is a powerful tool that can categorize videos based on their content, actions, objects, and even celebrities in the scene. It can also identify the most shareable moments in a long-form video and create compelling clips with the right visuals and a voiceover. The tool has a free trial, and the most popular plan is $18/month.

This generative AI tool allows you to easily create a slideshow presentation by simply importing your data and picking the template. Then, it will create a slide deck with all the necessary elements and animations to make your presentation look professional. The AI can even select images for you based on your data, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching.

The TLDR Tool summarizes any article or webpage in just a few seconds and provides you with a short summary that’s easier to read than the original. It’s available for Chrome and Firefox as a plugin, and it has a free plan.

If you’re in the mood to have some fun, try one of the more entertaining AI tools. Face Swap for mobile, for instance, lets you swap your face with a celebrity or a random person. You can also try out other features such as filters and GIFs or play with some funny videos.

If you’re a student, try out Tutor AI. This AI tool can create full-scale courses for a given topic, complete with modules and quizzes. It can even provide students with answers to homework questions by using OCR and scanning photos.

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