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This Is Hot 97

WQHT – Hot 97 is one of the most popular hip hop and R&B radio stations in America. It is known for its annual Summer Jam concert and the show Who’s Next which showcases new hip hop artists. The station also hosts exclusive interviews and events. Some of its most popular personalities include DJ Funkmaster Flex, Laura Stylez, and Peter Rosenberg.

The station also plays a variety of different genres of music, from rock to country to gospel. This makes it a great option for any music fan. WQHT – Hot 97 also offers a variety of podcasts and a mobile app that lets listeners catch up on their favorite shows and artists from the convenience of their phone or tablet.

Hot 97 is owned by Emmis and broadcasts from its studios in Brooklyn, New York City. The station is famous for its annual Summer Jam music festival and for hosting a number of legendary rappers. Its morning show, Ebro in the Morning, is renowned for its mix of pop culture and hip-hop and features guest appearances by well-known personalities.

Among its notable alumni are 50 Cent and French Montana, who have both had their fair share of feuds with each other in the past. The festival’s headliner this year was Kendrick Lamar, who brought the crowd to a frenzy. The show was a success, even though a number of fans were turned away from the event due to a fight that broke out at the entrance. Some of the most memorable moments from this year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam included a performance by Cardi B, who was surrounded by a squadron of backup dancers and an appearance by Ice Spice.

This is Hot 97 is a fun look at the behind-the-scenes world of New York’s biggest hip hop station. Its staff members are a lively bunch, and their off-the-mic antics provide plenty of comedic entertainment. While the cast may not be as talented as some of the guests who drop by for a visit, they still manage to create a worthwhile reality series. In addition to highlighting the station’s staff, This is Hot 97 also boasts cameos by artists like Kanye West and Macklemore.

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