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The Woom Air Mountain Bike

The Woom Air is the newest addition to the woom series and features an air suspension fork. This bike is designed for kids who like to take on more technical trails.

The frame is built from 6061 T6 aluminum, which is then hydroformed and butted to distribute the weight appropriately. This helps to give the frame a rider-friendly shape.


Woom air was founded in 2013 by two fathers who wanted to get their kids onto bikes. Today, it is one of the most popular kids bike companies in Europe.

The company has built a reputation for making light and robust premium kids bikes. This allows kids to learn how to ride faster and easier while keeping the learning process fun and educational.

woom also makes accessories for their bikes to make them more functional and versatile. This includes helmets, bike lights, water bottles, cages and other must haves for a safe and comfortable ride.

The frame of woom air is made from carbon to reduce weight. This helps to ensure the bike is responsive and efficient on climbs and bumpy terrain.


The woom air uses an adjustable suspension fork that can be locked out to prevent unwanted bobbing on climbs. This feature is helpful for kids who tend to bob and squat on steep trails.

The fork of the woom air is built with a special forged aluminum stem that offers extreme stiffness at a low weight. The stem can be turned upside down to adjust handlebar height and to save even more weight.

The woom air is a perfect choice for those who want a smooth and stable ride on dirt trails without all the gimmicks of more expensive bikes. It is also a great option for hard-charging kids who are ready to tackle more technical trails.


Brakes are a crucial part of any bicycle, and woom air bikes come with hydraulic disc brakes that are easy to operate and control. They offer superior modulation, require less daily maintenance and provide more overall stopping power.

Originally designed for trains, air brakes use compressed air to push upon a piston that applies pressure to the brake pads and allows the vehicle to stop. These systems are used in a variety of heavy-duty vehicles, including commercial trucks and railroad cars.

The air system of an air brake-equipped motorhome can freeze and leak, making it necessary for the driver to maintain a dry air supply. To prevent the air from freezing, most chassis manufacturers install an air dryer that removes moisture before it enters the brake system.


When Christian Bezdeka and Marcus Ihlenfeld started woom air in 2013, they had a dream of bringing bikes for kids to the world community. They saw that there was a lack of bikes with high-quality features and affordable prices, making it hard for children to get their feet wet in mountain biking.

woom air utilizes air-filled tires that cushion bumps better than solid rubber. This reduces weight and provides improved grip and traction for your kid on rough terrain.

This bike also comes with a rear v-brake and durable aluminum frame. Experts agree that this is a great balance bike for kids 18 months to 3 years old.

This bike comes with a custom air suspension fork that has rebound damping and lockout. It also has a durable set of 2.35′′ Schwalbe Rocket Ron tyres that provide low rolling resistance, optimum grip, and maximum shock absorption.


Weight is one of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to a kid’s mountain bike. Lighter bikes are more responsive and easier to ride, which helps your child get the most out of every ride.

The woom air is a great hardtail mountain bike for kids who are looking for something to help them learn to ride. It is light, easy to control, and offers excellent suspension for kids.

Moreover, it has hydraulic disc brakes and easy-to-reach brake levers for small hands. This makes it easier for your kid to make stops, avoid skidding, and control their braking when they get into a jam.

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