The New CryptoDogs Game

The Crypto Dog is an omniscient voice of the cryptocurrency market, a one-stop shop for all things digital assets. He frequently ventures out of the typical Bitcoin and Ethereum market dynamics to cover emerging entrants, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other crypto-related industry developments.

He’s seen it all, from the ebullient highs of 2021 to the tumultuous lows of the past month. Despite these bearish conditions, The Crypto Dog has maintained a steady following on Twitter, where he is an indispensable source for crypto news and insights. The Crypto Dog’s popularity has surged over the past year, as he has become a go-to resource for traders looking to stay informed about the market.

As the NFT space continues to gain traction among crypto users, collectors, and developers, more pet-themed games are hitting the scene. One such project aims to bring a fun and engaging twist to this niche with its latest offering, dubbed CryptoDogs.

The project’s official website describes the game as a hybrid between a digital pet and a blockchain collectible. Players can name and raise a virtual dog, while the blockchain keeps track of all the associated data, including DNA, health records, and social media feeds. The blockchain implementation also allows for interoperability between CryptoDogs and other dApps that run on the platform.

Each CryptoDog has a unique set of features that sets it apart from other dogs. This is because the NFTs aren’t automatically generated. Each CryptoDog is a pixel-art work that has been minted as a single edition on the Ethereum blockchain. The Rarity Index takes into account the uniqueness of the dog’s frame, items, background, and colors. A dog’s rarity level is then ranked according to the number of index points it has earned.

The team behind the CryptoDogs says that they’re able to process more transactions than other blockchain-based dApps like CryptoKitties. That’s largely because they use Achain, which is capable of handling much more than Ethereum’s 12 tx/s limit. This means that CryptoDogs shouldn’t cause the same sort of congestion that has plagued Ethereum. This will be a relief to many who were concerned that the games might eventually clog up the network, creating slowdowns and hiked transaction fees. For example, CryptoKitties’ popularity caused the Ethereum blockchain to reach its maximum capacity in December of last year. The CryptoDogs team has even burnt 50% of the total supply and created a 1-year pool lock to show that they are serious about keeping the project running smoothly.

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