The Helms Row – The Best Back Exercise For Hypertrophy

The helms row is a back exercise that doesn’t get the same attention as other rows like pendlay rows or barbell rows, but it’s one of the best exercises for building a broad muscular back. It’s a pure back muscle isolation exercise that works the lats and the rhomboids, while also strengthening and improving posture. A key thing to note is that this exercise is more of a lat dominant row than a trap or biceps dominant row, so make sure to focus on pulling back with the lats and rear delts. You’ll need an adjustable bench and dumbbells to perform this exercise, which is a little different than other rows as your chest will only be supported on the end of the bench. This allows you to push the sets harder and makes this a great back exercise for hypertrophy. Like any other row, there are some common mistakes people make when performing this exercise, such as using too much weight or not supporting the chest properly. It’s important to keep track of your progress as you do this exercise, and make small adjustments if needed to achieve better results. Another mistake is not using a low enough bench, which can make the movement more difficult or reorient it towards an upper trap and posterior delt movement. This can lead to poor form and less than ideal results, so make sure to lower the bench when necessary.

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