The Best Holiday Destinations in Europe

While any sun-soaked body of sand sounds like a dream, it’s important to pick the right holiday destination for you. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring rainforest trek, a thrilling volcano excursion or a tranquil spa escape, we’ve got some ideas.

The Netherlands is a little-visited gem with a lot to offer. Explore its historic cities, or take a trip on the West Highland Line for an unforgettable adventure!

  1. Israel

Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to watch the sunset on a beach in Tel Aviv or want to see what locals are up to at the markets, Israel has something for every kind of traveler.

The country has impressive museums that range from modern art to detailed details of history. Be sure to check out Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem as well.

  1. Tenerife

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a wildly diverse destination. While the warm winter weather and beaches get most of the attention, the island is also a trove of culture.

Learn about Tenerife’s wine scene at the island’s wine museum in La Orotava or try out a vineyard tour. And if you can, plan your visit during the Santa Cruz Carnival to witness some of Guanche culture in action!

  1. Lanzarote

Lanzarote has a warm climate all year round and many great attractions to enjoy. It has beaches and rambling picture-postcard villages, but it also surprises with offbeat activities like spotting cave-dwelling albino crabs or swimming in natural pools.

Discover the power of nature on a visit to the Atlantico Museum – one of Europe’s first underwater museums where cement sculptures are slowly becoming reefs. Or explore the stunning landscape at Timanfaya with its moon-like geysers.

  1. Slovenia

Slovenia is an incredibly beautiful country with a fairy tale landscape that wows every traveler who comes here. From immense glittering lakes to mysterious verdant forests and majestic castles, this country is bursting with stunning attractions that are bound to excite.

In the capital city, you can explore medieval cathedrals and people-watch in bustling squares. Alternatively, visit during Carnival season in Ptuj where you’ll experience incredible parades and dynamic street parties.

  1. Denmark

With vast stretches of sandy beaches and lively culture, Denmark is an incredible destination for families. Kids will enjoy a visit to Legoland, while history buffs can explore Hamlet’s castle at Kronborg.

Those with a penchant for food will love trying the country’s different varieties of sausage (medister polse). And don’t miss Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. The traditional theme park opened in 1843!

  1. Germany

Germany is a hugely popular destination for holidaymakers. Whether you’re looking for a seaside or city break, this country offers it all.

Opera lovers will love the nation’s proud tradition, with more than 80 opera houses. It’s also home to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe.

The Black Forest is a paradise for outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. Relax in a world-famous spa retreat or enjoy hiking, swimming and cycling.

  1. Berlin

The German capital is mainland Europe’s biggest city, with an intricately rich culture. From its historic architecture to its pulsating nightlife, Berlin has it all.

Kids will have a blast at the indoor attractions and play parks here. Museum Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with five of the city’s most impressive museums.

Charlottenburg Palace is a regal attraction with an extensive park. Visitors can also enjoy a three-course dinner and classical concert on the palace grounds.

  1. The Netherlands

Amsterdam is the first stop for most travelers in the Netherlands, but this beautiful country has so much more to offer. From quaint towns bursting with culture to sprawling national parks, the Netherlands has something for everyone.

For families, Efteling is an excellent theme park featuring roller coaster rides and lush gardens. You can also visit Texel for waterfowl and sand drifts.

  1. Turkey

Whether you’re craving a luxurious beach escape or an enriching cultural adventure, this fascinating country has it all. With a stunning coastline, quaint villages and a matchless historical legacy, Turkey offers something for everyone.

Stroll around Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar or visit the legendary Sumela Monastery for an unforgettable day out. Or, explore Cappadocia’s astounding rock formations on a horseback ride or hot-air balloon trip.

  1. Utah

Utah is more than a snow and winter destination; it’s a nature and outdoor wonderland with five well-known national parks that earned it the nickname of the Mighty Five.

Relax in the waters of Bear Lake, a picturesque lake shared by Utah and Idaho. The crystal turquoise water provides a refreshing escape from the scorching desert temperatures. Hakuna Matata!best holiday destinations

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