Streamline Your Workflow With Ewarrants

In the past, a warrant was only as good as its paper copy. Now, with Ewarrants, you can go entirely digital with a virtual warrant system that is accessible from anywhere.

Streamlines the legal review and approval process. Judicial review can be conducted from any internet connected device and an audit trail is available.
Streamlined Process

Streamlining business processes is one way to improve workflows and boost productivity. This strategy is especially helpful when combined with a continuous improvement approach, known as kaizen. Streamlining involves eliminating waste and inefficiencies to create a more efficient workflow. It also helps to reduce the risk of data breaches by simplifying the flow of information between teams.

Start by listing your existing business processes and documenting them thoroughly from start to finish. This ensures that everyone has a shared frame of reference. It will also help you determine which ones could be streamlined. Once you’ve completed this step, prioritize your workflows based on the impact they have on revenue or costs.

Next, choose the low-hanging fruit to streamline first. This will give your team positive momentum and a successful outcome before moving onto more challenging workflows. Lastly, make sure to monitor and track the performance of your streamlined processes over time to ensure they continue to deliver optimal results.

The eWarrants system is hosted on a CJIS compliant secure cloud platform. It uses the latest two-factor authentication technology and additional security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Law enforcement officers can create and submit eWarrants from anywhere, on any device. The eWarrant is sent electronically to the judge, who can respond via a recorded video conference link. This enables the officer to conduct their business as soon as they have probable cause, reducing the risk that a suspect will be tipped off and flee.

Perform an internal review or study to determine if your department needs an eWarrants system. Identify the number of hours that staff are spending on the traditional warrant process, and how much time it could save with an electronic system. Schedule conference calls, meetings and web demonstrations with agencies that use an eWarrants system to learn more about the system. Then, determine what level of customization your department will need to implement the system.

The eWarrants system allows public safety officers to spend less time on paperwork and more on apprehension and conviction of criminals. In addition, agencies are able to reduce unplanned overtime used to process paper work.

The software also allows sheriff’s offices to communicate in real time with state systems, NCIC, and other law enforcement partners. This significantly cuts the amount of time between a warrant’s issuance and its entry into state and national databases.

The new system has its own problems, however. A lawsuit filed against the state and system provider Tyler Technologies accuses it of serious issues that resulted in people being rearrested or kept in jail past the point where they were eligible for release. Those issues include a backlog of unprocessed warrants and protection orders.

Our eWarrant solution allows law enforcement officers to easily request warrants from anywhere on their device. This digital process helps reduce liability for agencies by removing the need to create and check paper warrants at local offices. It also reduces the time between a warrant being deemed valid by a judge and being entered into LEADS and NCIC, further helping protect officer safety and situational awareness.

This centralized, intuitive, responsive, quick, web-based and mobile friendly system for entering warrants and protection orders is free to law enforcement, courts, and clerks in all 88 Ohio counties. InnovateOhio is coordinating the implementation of this free and secure statewide interface, which can be integrated into record management vendor systems already in use by a county.

CloudGavel offers a seamless warrant workflow with an advanced tracking module to follow the status of a warrant throughout its lifecycle, from issuance by the court to submission to state and NCIC hot files and all the way through warrant rejection due to duplicate entries or a quashing of the warrant.

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