Sex Therapist San Diego

Sex therapist san diego are trained to work with couples, individuals and groups on issues related to sexual intimacy and relationship issues. They are qualified to address a wide range of challenges, including issues with sexual desire and libido, body image concerns, anxiety around sex, infidelity, addiction recovery, shame and low self-esteem. They can also help with a variety of specific concerns, such as sexual addictions, BDSM practices and alternative relationship structures and lifestyles.

Relationship and sex therapist Nikki Nolet isn’t afraid to talk about the big stuff that can be blocking satisfying intimacy in your relationship, such as diminished sex drive or mismatched libidos. She can help you overcome the underlying anxiety that is keeping you from experiencing pleasure and building trust in your relationship. She also works with individual clients, helping them tackle issues like dating fatigue and gaining self-confidence in their relationships.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Addictions Specialist, Jennine Estes, has extensive training in the area of sexual trauma and trauma-informed care. Her approach to therapy focuses on working collaboratively with her clients to explore and identify the root causes of their sexual distress. She teaches practical, evidence-based tools to build healthy intimate relationships and increase satisfaction in the bedroom and beyond.

Lyuba believes that all people are hot and sexy by default, but it is only the taboo-shaming culture that is keeping them from a deliciously full life of sexuality. She is an experienced sexual therapist and offers an experiential container in her sessions where she and her clients drop into deep connection and ride all of the waves that show up. Her work is informed by her training in Tao Master Mantak Chia, Source School of Tantra and therapy

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