One Bernam – A Climate Change Assessment for the Bernam River Basin

SINGAPORE – The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has put up for tender a residential-with-commercial Bernam Street land parcel for sale. Its previous gross plot ratio (GPR) was boosted by 30 per cent to 325 dwelling units, up from the 250 originally estimated. The 99-year leasehold site is situated in the Anson precinct and on the Government Land Sales (GLS) confirmed list.

Like their name, those with the name Bernam are gentle and benevolent, bringing peace and comfort to others. They also have a natural sense of warmth and approachability, making them easy to talk to. They are able to give comfort and support to their family, friends and colleagues.

The Bernam River is an important water basin supporting paddy irrigation. However, the high demand for irrigation water from the paddy fields cannot always be met by the unreliable streamflows of the river, and this has resulted in water shortages and rationing in the past.

A climate change assessment of the impacts on the hydrological flows of the Bernam River Basin is critical to address these concerns and inform decisions regarding future water allocations to the rice farmers. The study uses the state-of-the-art model System for Watershed Management in Malaysia (SWAT). Historical gridded hydro-meteorological data are used to force the rainfall-runoff simulation process, and a sensitivity analysis is performed to identify influential parameters for the Bernam River basin.

The project will be developed by a consortium of two companies, namely CIDB and UEM. It is expected to be completed by bernam

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