Men’s Underwear – Boxershorts Or Trunks?

Men’s underwear has been through quite the evolution over the last few decades. Today, there are plenty of options on the market to suit different occasions.

But which style is best for you? The answer depends on the amount of coverage and support you require. Let’s take a look at the major types on offer.BriefsBoxer briefs provide support and are less revealing than other styles. But they also lack the ability to skim your thigh like a pair of shorts. That’s why men need to be mindful of their selection. Look for brands that offer a streamlined fit and don’t have an awkward Y-front or too much fabric sitting below your belly button. Tommy Hilfiger, for example, does it well with a pair of cotton briefs that are lightweight and breathable but don’t skimp on the amount of cuffing to your nether regions.Boxer-briefs (or jockey shorts) take the shape of traditional boxers but are made from more fitted jersey material. They’re perfect for guys who prefer the support of boxers but want the added benefits of a smooth, thigh-skimming fit. They can be found in regular and low rises, as well as a variety of inseam lengths – ideal for anyone who wears pants with a higher waistline so the underwear doesn’t peek out too much.The right fabric is essential here, too. Look for a stretchy, soft cotton and elastane blend or a high-quality modal fabric with a similar feel to silk. It’ll keep you cool, dry and comfortable all day long.While men often prioritize function over appearance when it comes to underwear, the right style can enhance both. Avoid baggy underpants, which are prone to showing off more skin than necessary and can cause chafing if worn for long periods of time. Also stay away from tighty-whities, which leave your inner thighs exposed and can cause them to rub together, making you both itchy and uncomfortable. If you want a snugger fit, check out Uniqlo’s Airism line for moisture-wicking briefs that will help you to feel cool and comfortable while you work up a sweat. The label also offers a range of prints, including stars and stripes that make you look great under any outfit.TrunksOften called trunks or maxi briefs, this snug fit style has become the best-selling men’s underwear shape in high street and online sales, even beating out traditional boxer shorts for the title of top seller. Men’s trunk underwear sits from the waist to the upper-to-mid thigh area, providing the ideal balance of comfort and support. It’s also a good choice for men with slimmer thighs, as trunks do not ride up like short briefs or ride up the hips and butt cleavage like boxer-briefs.Trunks also tend to have shorter leg lengths than boxer briefs, which gives them a square-like appearance and a more symmetrical look. For this reason, men’s trunk underwear works well with both casual and dressier attire and is suitable for everyday wear as well as moderate sports activity.Men’s trunk underwear can be found in a wide range of fabrics from a multitude of leading brands. The most popular are a blend of cotton and polyester, which deliver superior softness, comfort, and stretch. In addition to the comfort benefits, these fabric types also offer moisture management properties.Another important characteristic of men’s trunk underwear is a soft, contoured pouch that provides extra support without riding up or pinching the skin. A variety of designers offers this feature, including MeUndies with their Breathe trunks in a silky-soft, feather-light modal blend that’s naturally cooling and quick-drying to keep you cool.Men’s trunk underwear is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns, ranging from classic solids to stripes or Lacoste’s iconic croc print. The most common color is black, with navy blue and white also very popular. Some manufacturers produce a range of different colorways in each size to suit the needs of men of all ages and tastes. In addition, some manufacturers provide men’s trunk underwear in a variety of fabrics to meet the demands of different consumers, from 100% cotton to 100% polyester to poly/cotton and poly/spandex’s bamboo boxershorts

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