Invest With Teri – Trade and Travel 2.0 Review

Teri Ijeoma, who heads the course Invest with Teri (now Trade and Travel 2.0), graduated from MIT and used to work in education and nonprofits before launching her stock day trading course in 2017. She started out trading stocks as a side hustle to fund her wanderlust and love of international travel. But when she discovered she could consistently make profitable trades by following a proven trading methodology, she turned it into her full-time gig.

The course covers basic investing principles and fundamentals. It also teaches traders how to analyze charts and read a chart like a pro. For more advanced traders, it teaches more complex strategies such as calls, puts, and options. Its a foundational course that’s meant to take people from zero experience to active trading within eight weeks, and Teachable reports that it is one of its most successful courses.

Traders can join the program online, and it’s a self-paced course. However, there’s a premium option available that gives students access to live trading webinars and private coaching groups. The coaching sessions can last up to two hours.

The platform also allows users to customize and target audiences based on their demographics, preferences, and buying behavior. For example, it can identify and activate audiences interested in luxury holidays, helping them to find the most relevant content. It can also identify and refresh first-party CRM data, which in turn helps improve performance on lookalike campaigns.

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