How to Use Runner Rugs in Your Home

When we think of runner rugs, we typically envision celebrities gliding down the red carpet in their dazzling gowns with a luxurious rug underfoot. These long, narrow rugs are incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of spaces in your home.

They are an easy way to transform a hallway or entryway into something warm, comfortable and inviting.

The most obvious place to use a runner rug is in your hallway. If your dwelling has long, boring corridors, a hand-tufted runner rug will unify the space and give it a more welcoming feel.

Hallways and entryways see a lot of barefoot traffic, so it’s best to keep your runner carpet clean with a vacuum cleaner or mop. Alternatively, you can use a spray bottle with vinegar and water to refresh your runner.

A runner rug is the ideal way to highlight seating areas, designate elegant house plants or treasured antiques, and create a beautiful layering look for bohemian-styled rooms. Choose a neutral-toned runner to integrate with your color scheme or introduce drama and contrast with an alluring hue. Regardless of the color you pick, your hallway will instantly feel more cozy.

Foyers are a significant transitional space that sets the tone for your home. It’s important to keep it tidy and functional, but there are a few design elements you can add to make the area more comfortable and stylish.

Start with the flooring. Hardwood is a classic choice, but it can be susceptible to scratches and scuffing. If you choose a hardwood foyer, consider putting down a rug or mat to protect it.

Next, incorporate storage solutions. Foyers can get cluttered quickly with coats, bags, and shoes, so it’s important to have a designated spot to store them. A hallway table is a great option for this purpose, and you can use it to showcase your decor style. You can also add a bench or settee where guests can sit to put on their shoes. Finally, a beautiful light fixture helps set the tone for your entryway and highlight artwork or other decor items. This way, when guests enter your house, they’ll feel welcomed and at home.
Living Room

Runner rugs make the perfect addition to living rooms. They can be used to highlight furniture or create seating areas, and they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Some are made from natural materials like jute or sisal that evoke beach vibes or organic styles while others are made from plush textures like shag or faux sheepskin.

Many homeowners use a runner rug in their entranceway as a way to welcome guests and give off a sense of luxury or formality. Like foyers, entrances are an ideal place to put a runner rug, especially if your doorway is narrow.

Modern applications for runner rugs include using them alongside a bed to provide a cozy, warm landing area to walk on in the morning or to divide a large open-concept bedroom into sections without taking up too much floor space. They also work great in the dining room to set a stylish, sophisticated mood or for a family gathering.

Kitchens are a prime spot for floor runners that warm up the room and offer comfort underfoot. In a room where everything from spilled wine to food stains is a regular occurrence, a rug runner in the right color can actually be an accent for pre-existing kitchen furniture and decor! Choose a bright shade that complements the kitchen’s existing palette, or go with an earthy neutral to keep things grounded.

A jute or sisal kitchen runner provides natural appeal, while man-made materials like polyester are super easy to clean and stain resistant. Washable kitchen rugs make cooking at home a whole lot cozier for the entire family! Regardless of which type of rug you choose for your kitchen, a rug pad is essential to prevent the runner from sliding around. This also protects the runner and your floors. Shop a selection of rugs at Boutique Rugs and find the perfect runner for your kitchen! You won’t regret it!

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