How to Identify an Authentic Burberry Bag

Authentic Burberry bags are impeccably crafted. They feature a leather label or metal plaque that contains the logo of the company. This logo should be neat and clearly engraved. If the engraving is blurry or inconsistent, it’s probably counterfeit.

The letter font on a genuine logo should also be consistent. Inconsistencies in shape, size, and letter font are all signs of a fake Burberry bag.
Made in Italy

While Burberry doesn’t use serial numbers on its bags the way other luxury brands do, it does have a variety of labels and markers that can help you identify a fake. For example, a genuine Burberry bag should have a metal plaque or leather tag with the brand logo. The logo should be engraved precisely and not sloppy. It should also match the color of the hardware.

Another easy way to spot a fake Burberry bag is by checking the stitching. The stitching should be neat, even, and consistent in size. If there are any crooked lines, it’s likely a counterfeit bag.

Also, look for the Haymarket Check pattern. This iconic Burberry design features a faded equestrian knight insignia. The knight should be placed where the red lines intersect in the pattern. This feature is a key indicator that the bag is genuine. The zippers on a real Burberry bag are Riri brand YKK. They are heavy and substantial, not flimsy.
Embossed logos

Burberry bags embody British style and quality. The company’s logo is instantly recognizable and sparks brand recognition that’s both aspirational and attainable. The brand also offers a range of outerwear and shoes that are designed to fit contemporary trends. The iconic Burberry trench coat is one such piece, as is the brand’s signature check print and monogram. These accessories add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

The British fashion house founded in 1856 originally specialized in outdoor clothing for country pursuits such as hunting, riding and fishing. In 1888, Thomas Burberry patented gabardine, a breathable and waterproof fabric that became the hallmark of his trademark trench coats. The coats were coveted by real-life explorers like Norwegian polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen and Sir Ernest Shackleton.

To celebrate its heritage and spirit of adventure, the company partnered with Roblox to create a series of five exclusive limited-edition virtual handbags and emotes. The bag is available to purchase on the Roblox Marketplace for avatars and wearable in the platform’s millions of user-generated worlds.
Burberry check fabric

The iconic Burberry check fabric is woven into the majority of their bags. It’s available in a variety of colors and styles. The pattern’s design is influenced by the brand’s traditional tartan fabrics and London-esque style. This timeless design is a classic in every woman’s closet.

Authentic Burberry purses will have a swing-tag inside with details of the bag’s colour and style, as well as a barcode. The tag will also have a leather tag that displays the logo in a very distinctive font, which is hard for counterfeiters to reproduce.

The hardware on a genuine Burberry bag is solid and high-quality, with the signature engraved logo of the brand. It’s also usually plated in gold or silver, and the tag may be made of leather or metal. The tag should match the color of the bag’s outside hardware and have a ‘Made in’ label with the style number in a distinctive font. It should also display a stamp or engraving of the ‘Burberry London’ name in a similar font.
Metal plaque

When purchasing a pre-owned Burberry bag, it is important to check the metal plaque to make sure it matches the color of the bag’s outside hardware. It should also include the “Burberry London” engraving in the brand’s signature font. It should also be centered and aligned perfectly with the four corners of the bag.

The engraved lettering on authentic bags is made from solid, weighty metal and should never be chipped or discolored. Additionally, the engraved knight logo on the ‘Made in’ booklet should be crisp and centered.

Authentic Burberry bags should have stitching that is straight and neat, evenly spaced, and subdued in color. Any sloppy stitching is a sign of a fake, so be careful when inspecting your bag. Also, keep an eye out for the ‘R’s’ having a slight tail. These are subtle differences, but they can help you spot a fake. With practice, you can become a Burberry expert with the smallest details!

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