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How to Find a Plumber Near Me

A plumber is someone who specializes in the repair, maintenance and installation of pipes, fixtures and appliances like sinks, toilets, tubs and showers. They may also provide emergency services. Plumbers are typically licensed by local governments to perform their work, and they must carry liability insurance. Finding a qualified, reliable plumber near you is essential for both homeowners and landlords. There are several ways to find a local plumber, including using online resources and tapping into your network of friends, neighbors and co-workers. Many mobile phone apps also offer a simple way to find plumbers nearby. These apps screen fully-vetted plumbers who match your needs and are ready to work.

Before you call a plumber, determine whether your issue is an emergency. Issues like a burst pipe require immediate attention to avoid further damage and flooding, while other problems can wait until the morning or evening when water use is lower. Some issues, such as a toilet that runs intermittently, can be easily fixed with off-the-shelf supplies. Other problems, such as low water pressure or a rattling sound in the pipes, indicate more serious issues that should be addressed by a professional.

Some plumbing repairs require turning off the water supply, which can be dangerous and must be done properly. Ask your plumber how long the water will need to be shut off and what steps they will take to protect your home and belongings during the repair.

Plumbers often encounter clogged drains, which can render kitchens, bathrooms and toilets unusable until they are cleared. This is usually due to food scraps, oil and other debris being deposited in the drains. Plumbers may use hand snakes or machine augers to clear the blockage.

Another common reason that plumbers are called is for leaking showers and faucets. These are usually easy fixes for a skilled plumber, but some can be more complex and require special tools or skills. It’s important to call a plumber for leaky showers and faucets as soon as you notice them to prevent further damage and save money on your water bill.

A clogged drain or toilet can also lead to a backup of sewage, which is a health and safety hazard for your family. A backed-up sewer line can also cause significant property damage. Signs of a sewer backup include foul odors in the house, slowed drainage in the toilet or bathtub, and water stains or mold on the walls and floors. Plumbers can install and repair sewer backflow valves to keep this from happening.plumber near me

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