How Custom Banners Can Help Your Brand

Banners make announcements special, whether they’re announcing an exciting sale, event or new product. They convey the impression that your business is bigger and can increase point of sale purchases and actions. They’re also a great tool to promote local community events or company anniversaries. They’re affordable and easy to produce whenever you need them. Size The size of your banner can vary based on where you will be using it and what you want it to say. Choose a large standard banner size to grab your audience’s attention from far away, or opt for smaller sizes to decorate your space and give your brand a more intimate feel. The best banner material for outdoor use is 13 oz scrim vinyl, which is durable and water resistant. It is also long lasting and provides vibrant colours. The other option is fabric, which is available up to 9.5’ x 100’ and comes with a sewn hem. This helps strengthen the edges of your banner for longevity. You can also choose to add grommets. These can be placed every 12-18 inches, 18-24 inches, 2-3 feet or in the four corners of your custom banner. You can also add pole pockets, which are sleeve-like pockets that a pole or rod can slide into. You can choose to have these in the top & bottom, left & right or only at the top of your custom banners. Material Banners come in a variety of materials, each offering its own distinct set of benefits. Choose the right one to ensure your banners stand out and help you achieve your promotional goals. Woven fabric banners feature a high-quality look and feel that is both durable and lightweight. They also provide vibrant colors and superior opacity that make them great for indoor use. If your business is located in a windy area, consider a mesh banner. It features 8 oz. scrim vinyl with a pattern of crisscrossed fibers that allow some air to pass through, making it less likely to rip in high winds. To hang your banners, opt for ball bungee cords instead of ropes or zip ties. They allow your banners to move a little more freely and look more professional. If you want to add durability to your banners, consider adding hemstitching to them. This prevents them from tearing or fraying and increases their longevity. Design Banners are a classy bullhorn for your brand and a fun way to communicate important information. They can be used for any occasion – holiday, event, or personal milestone. Whether you’re setting up at a bustling food festival or a craft fair, a well-designed banner can draw in customers and spark conversations. Designing a banner follows basic principles like balance, hierarchy, and contrast. Keeping text large makes it easier to read from a distance, while minimizing the number of colors can help keep the design on-brand. Banners should also include your logo and contact information, including a phone number and website. Using the same logo across all your marketing materials increases recognition and can help establish business connections. You can use professional graphic design software or beginner-friendly online platforms to design a banner that’s on-brand and communicates your message. These platforms can also provide templates to get you started. Placement When properly displayed, custom banners are an effective way to attract new customers. They are a cost-effective alternative to other marketing materials and can be used for outdoor and indoor spaces. They are also easily reusable, allowing you to keep them up when you change locations. To make your message stand out, choose large fonts that are easily read from a distance. Use colors that contrast with the background and are in a style that’s on-brand for your business. Avoid using too many images or graphics, as they can be distracting and overpower the message. Whether you’re advertising a specific product or service, making a call to action is an essential part of your banner. People need to know what you want them to do – visit your website, call you or stop by your store. The call to action helps you build credibility and establish a connection with potential customers. It’s also a great way to measure the success of your campaign and gain insight into how your audience responds.

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