German Lessons in London

With more than 100 million speakers worldwide, German is the EU’s most widely spoken native language. Whether you’re interested in learning German for business, travel or just for fun, there are plenty of opportunities to study this fascinating language in London.

Sprachraum offers both in-person and online German lessons in London. They focus on engagement, making each lesson fun and immersive. Their ten-week courses are designed for learners at all levels.


Whether you are an advanced learner or just starting out, Berlitz offers online German lessons that can be tailored to your goals. Their flexible learning options and supportive instructors can help you achieve your language-learning aspirations in the comfort of your own home.

In-person lessons at a Berlitz language center are highly immersive, and focus entirely on you and your development. One-on-one instruction allows instructors to give individualized attention, which speeds up your progress and helps you reach your goals quickly. Additionally, instruction is always in the target language, simulating the experience of being abroad and conversing in the native tongue.

This approach, known as Total Immersion, has been proven to accelerate learning and produce results quickly. Unlike traditional language learning, which emphasizes grammar and vocabulary, Berlitz classes use real-life situations to help you communicate instantly in your new language. The result is a fast and effective learning method that can be applied to your professional life.

International House

For 66 years, International House has specialised in language training. They started by certifying English teachers to teach abroad, and now offer courses in many modern languages, including German. They have a standard course progression that can take you from complete beginner to fluency. However, if you need to learn quickly – for example, because your company is launching an international project – they also have intensive language programmes.

While Westminster’s name might call to mind stern, mortarboard-wearing academics, City Literary Institute offers open courses in German for students of all levels. Their classes use the communicative approach and focus on speaking and listening, rather than grammar and vocabulary. In addition, they include a short refresher course for those who haven’t used their German skills in a while. They offer a variety of online courses, too. The school’s prices are competitive and they even offer an insurance plan that covers health and personal property. This is great news for those who want to travel or work abroad, but can’t afford a full language program.

Olesen Tuition

German lessons in London from Olesen Tuition are led by Oxford-educated native tutors with over 25 years of teaching experience. The school offers 1-2-1 German tuition, small groups, tailored GCSE and A-level German exam tutorials and corporate German language training. Their tutors are trained to help students avoid the pitfalls of translating literally and teach them to express their ideas in a way that is natural and grammatically correct. This approach helps them to achieve fluency and a sense of confidence in their German speaking and writing skills. Lessons are held in central London and online. (Due to COVID-19 all classes are currently online only)

Simple But Correct is a music and podcast label, founded by Jens Olesen in 2008. It offers a wide range of high quality independent releases in multiple formats.


The German language offers a gateway into another culture and way of thinking, as well as career prospects and global recognition. It also offers an opportunity to explore new experiences and enhance personal growth. However, it can be a challenging language to learn, especially for beginners. Fortunately, there are a number of online resources that offer specialized German lessons.

These ten-week courses are designed for students and adults who want to improve their reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. They are held on weekday evenings and are aimed at people with a variety of backgrounds and learning needs. Upon completion, you will be able to function in German on practical everyday matters and develop your knowledge of the language.

Private tutors can be a great help in your journey to becoming fluent in the German language. They can help you practice your pronunciation and build your confidence in conversational German. They will also keep you focused on your goals and provide feedback on your progress. They typically charge more than a standard language teacher, but are well worth the investment.

German lessons London

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