Diamond Painting – A Relaxing Hobby

Diamond painting is a relaxing hobby that allows crafters to enter a meditative state. It can take hours to complete a picture, but it’s worth the effort! Many people describe it as the most stress-relieving activity they’ve ever tried.

To start, you’ll need a plastic sheet to protect the canvas and a waxed pen. You’ll also need packs of colored diamonds and a ridged tray.


A diamond painting kit comes with a canvas, wax and a pen. You can use a special tool to pick up multiple diamonds at once, speeding up the process and making it less tedious. The tool also ensures that each diamond is placed evenly, preventing gaps and blemishes.

You should choose a kit that is suitable for your skill level. If you’re new to the hobby, opt for a smaller canvas with fewer colors and a simpler design. This way, you can avoid frustration and burnout.

A common technique for flattening out a canvas is to place it between two mattresses overnight. This method is a great alternative to using a heat-source. It also works better than using a rolling pin. You can also cut out creases with a craft knife.


Similar to cross stitch and paint-by-numbers, diamond painting uses tiny resin rhinestones to produce a colorful mosaic-like image. This craft is a popular pastime among people of all ages and skill levels, and can be very relaxing. It also provides a satisfying sense of accomplishment, even for novices and those who struggle with other crafts.

The diamonds used in a diamond painting kit are usually round or square, but some kits contain special shapes. Choosing the right diamonds is essential to ensure that your artwork turns out correctly. A multi-placer tool is useful for applying multiple diamonds at once, and can help you complete your project more quickly.

Before starting your project, choose a well-lit workspace and make sure that all of the tools are within reach. Once you have a comfortable working area, apply the diamonds one at a time to your canvas.


When purchasing a diamond painting kit, it is important to remember that the plastic film covering the canvas must be replaced after each session. This is to keep the adhesive layer fresh and prevent it from drying out. In addition, it is best to work in small sections of the painting to ensure better precision.

This is a hobby that many people find calming and stress-relieving. It is one of the few crafts that can truly transport people into a meditative state. In a world full of LED screens and constant notifications, diamond painting provides an escape that is both enjoyable and relaxing. Moreover, it gives people an opportunity to connect with each other and express their creativity. Some popular designs include landscapes, animals, celebrities and pop culture references.

Applicator pen

Most diamond painting kits come with an applicator pen, but you can also purchase one online. These pens are cylindrical and resemble the tip of a pen. They are usually dipped in wax to help them stick to the diamonds. They can also be made with caps to cover the point, which helps them stay tacky for longer.

These pens can be single-placer tips or have a wheel that picks multiple drills at once. The latter type is more useful, as it saves time and makes the process less tiring on the hand.

Another upgrade that can make your diamond painting experience more comfortable is a light pad. This is a special board that can help you see the canvas from underneath and put the right drills in place.


After your diamond painting is finished, it is important to protect it. This will help to prevent the diamonds from falling off and ensure that it lasts longer. The best way to do this is by applying a sealant. This will make it harder for dirt and dust to get into the gaps between the drills.

There are several different types of sealants available, from spray to brush-on. If you choose a spray, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Spraying too much can damage your canvas. If you opt for a brush-on sealant, be sure to apply it evenly. It will look whitish at first, but will dry clear.

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