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Car Detailing Near Me

A car detailing service can make your vehicle look new again and help protect it from damage. A detailed car will attract more buyers at a dealership and help you get a higher trade-in offer.

Professional Parking Solutions offers interior and exterior auto detailing services in New York City. Its clients can select from a variety of services, including tar removal and headliner cleaning. It also provides hand waxing and carpet shampooing services.


Car detailing prices vary. A basic wash and wax service costs about $50. Other services, such as leather seat shampooing or paint correction, can cost hundreds of dollars. You should find a detailer who has a reasonable price and is licensed and insured.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, a full detailing may cost $150 or more. Some detailers also offer additional services, such as engine cleaning, clay bar treatment and paint sealant. These services can increase the cost of a basic car detailing package by $50 to $100.

To save money on car detailing services, look for discount products and tools. Many auto body equipment stores offer discounts on car wax, cleaning solutions and chrome polishers. You can also shop online for discount automotive products. You can also find car detailing supplies at home improvement stores. You should always read the product labels and follow the directions carefully before using a solution on your vehicle.


Car detailing companies offer a variety of services. Generally, they provide interior and exterior cleaning as well as vacuuming, shampooing, and wiping the windows. Some also offer leather care and headlight restoration. Depending on the type of service, prices vary.

When choosing a car detailing company, look for one that offers multiple packages and clearly states what each includes. This will help you avoid paying for services that you don’t need.

A detailed vehicle will have a higher resale value and will protect the body and paint from scratches and stains. It is important to detail your car at least twice a year, but it may be necessary more often depending on the weather and driving conditions.

Several factors affect car detailing prices, including location, brand of automobile, and the number of add-on services. Generally, luxury brands cost more to detail because they require employees with special training and expensive products and equipment. In addition, many locations have different environmental regulations that can affect pricing.


There are a few things you should look for when choosing a car detailing service. One is whether they are licensed and insured. Another is their reputation and reviews. For example, the Sparkle Car Wash in Santa Paula has a low customer rating with a customer claiming that “The place is disgusting and not worth the money”.

Another thing to consider is which interior cleaners they use. Some of these cleaners can leave a finish on windows and make them difficult to clean. Others may be safe for windows, but you should still check before using them.

If you want a quick, professional touch up on your vehicle, try MobileWash. This app allows you to order a detailer at the tap of a button, and they will come to your home or work to clean your car.


Car detailing businesses provide customers with an opportunity to revitalize their cars and keep them looking new. They offer services that include interior and exterior detailing, waxes, and polishes. They also use cleaning products to remove stains and water marks on vehicles. They are a great choice for those who enjoy working with their hands and have a passion for automobiles.

There are several types of small business insurance policies available to car detailers and car wash operators. General liability insurance offers protection against the most common third-party claims, including bodily injury and property damage. A workers’ compensation policy may be necessary if employees are injured on the job.

Auto detailers and car wash businesses often handle large amounts of cash, as well as securities and valuables. Commercial crime insurance can help protect against losses caused by theft, robbery, burglary, and forgery, both from outside parties and employees. Equipment breakdown insurance may cover the cost of repairs or replacement if important machinery fails due to an internal mechanical detailing near me

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