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Amazon Business Account Benefits For Small Businesses

Amazon Business Account Benefits For Small Businesses

The amazon business account offers a convenient purchasing solution for businesses of any size. The main administrator can add or remove users authorized to purchase supplies, manage payment methods, shipping addresses, approval workflows and more.

It also offers tax-exempt buying and volume discounts on millions of items. These features are not available on the free amazon prime account and may be worth considering for a small business.


Amazon Business is a special account type designed for companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), professionals and freelancers. It offers a range of benefits and features that can be beneficial to both sellers and buyers.

The first and most important advantage of an Amazon Business account is that it gives businesses a way to save money on their purchases. This is because businesses can benefit from exclusive price savings and shipping benefits that are only available to business accounts. These benefits include price breaks on multi-unit purchases, general price cuts on millions of business products, and the opportunity to compare prices from different sellers.

Moreover, businesses can also enjoy tax exemptions and dedicated customer support. They can also manage their payments via a corporate credit line, and place orders with ease by granting permissions across their organization.

In addition, businesses can also access seller credentials and buyer insights that make it easy to manage and track their sales. These benefits are designed to help business owners and their staffs find the best deals on the most popular and essential products.

Another important aspect of an Amazon Business account is the ability to set up purchasing groups and purchase approval workflows for each member of your team. You can use these tools to establish purchasing guidelines, build purchase analytics and reports, and create spending limits to prevent overspend.

You can also share payment methods, such as credit cards and an Amazon corporate credit line, with your entire team or with a select group of users. Using these methods lets you keep track of your spending without worrying about your team’s personal information getting into the wrong hands.


Amazon business account benefits include a range of features and perks to help small businesses cut costs. These include access to bulk volume discounts and tax exemptions, plus spend visibility reports and guided buying tools.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or have an entire team, Amazon Business is a convenient way to buy business supplies online from one place. It also supports multi-user accounts, so you can allow different employees to purchase items on behalf of your company.

It has a wide range of products that cater to every industry and size of business. This means you can find everything from traffic signs to industrial deep fryers. You can also set up approval workflows to keep spending under control, and use Amazon Workdocs for team collaboration on purchases.

For larger purchases, a variety of payment options are available to suit the needs of any business. You can choose to use individual or shared payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and Amazon’s corporate credit line. In addition, you can download order history reports and pay by purchase order.

You can also create approval workflows and set up recurring deliveries to make ordering hassle-free. The business account can even help you save money on shipping fees by enabling you to buy in bulk and consolidate the orders into one shipment.

Aside from purchasing, you can also manage your favorite suppliers and create and approve shopping lists. Amazon also lets you track your business’s spending and adds VAT and purchase order numbers to invoices, so you can save time in the future.

As an account administrator, you can select which users can make purchases on behalf of your company. You can also add and change their shared payment options and shipping addresses in the account dashboard.

The business account also lets you create and edit purchase orders and approve them in one click. This helps you control spending and makes it easier to reconcile budgets.

For added security, you can opt to add an Amazon corporate credit line as a registered payment method for each of your authorized account users. This allows them to view the last four digits of the card before making a purchase, and it gives you additional user and management options to authorize multiple buyers on a shared account.


Amazon Business is an all-in-one buying solution for your registered business of any size, with a wide range of products – from IT equipment to janitorial supplies. It offers a single point of entry to hundreds of millions of products from Amazon and its suppliers.

With a business account, you can assign users to groups and control their access to purchasing activities and approval workflows based on your needs. This way, you can be sure that all authorized users have the necessary purchasing power to buy on behalf of your company.

The main administrator can accept or remove authorized users, manage payment methods, shipping addresses, approval workflows, reporting options and more. This allows you to easily handle all purchasing tasks, even for large-scale orders, while ensuring that your entire team has the necessary purchasing resources and access to information.

A business account also provides a single place to manage all of your team members’ orders, invoices and payments, including shared credit cards and the Amazon corporate credit line. This makes it easy to track purchases and reconcile your accounts, and also gives you a comprehensive view of spending patterns and budget goals.

Another advantage of a business account is that it can be integrated with a procure-to-pay (P2P) solution like ControlHub to streamline the process from goods and services requisitioning to payment reconciliation. This way, you can avoid excessive spending and reduce procurement violations.

It also offers a number of features that can transform your purchasing operations, from business analytics to guided buying. With these tools, you can turn insights into action and drive efficiency across your organization.

Guided Buying helps your team follow rules and restrictions to purchase only approved items or only from specific sellers. This can increase compliance and reduce the time spent answering questions.

Likewise, approval workflows can be set up so that purchases made by certain team members or above pre-set limits are automatically flagged for your review before they are finalized. This ensures that your business remains compliant and stays within the bounds of its budget and policies.


Amazon is a great platform for small business owners, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for security problems. There are a few ways that hackers can get access to your account, and it’s important to know how to avoid them.

The first step is to change your password and monitor your order history for any suspicious activity. If you notice any strange changes or you can’t log in to your account, contact Amazon support right away.

Hackers can also use phishing scams to gain access to your account. This is when they pose as a trusted source and ask for sensitive information via email or phone. If you receive one of these messages, be on the lookout for spelling mistakes or an unfamiliar tone in the email.

Another common way that hackers get into accounts is by gaining access to cloud storage. Many businesses use cloud storage for their Amazon stores, and it’s important to ensure that the servers are properly secured. This includes ensuring that the cloud provider has strong encryption and is using good security protocols.

Moreover, businesses should make sure that all of their employees have strong, unique passwords for their accounts. This will prevent a hacker from simply guessing the password and gaining access to their accounts.

Some of the other security measures that businesses can take include activating two-factor authentication and ensuring that they have good antivirus software. This will help keep your business secure from hackers and other threats.

If you’re an Amazon seller, it’s also a good idea to purchase insurance for your business. This will protect you financially if something should happen to your store or if someone stole some of your inventory.

Once you’ve purchased insurance, you should be able to file a report with Amazon. This will let them investigate the issue and possibly take action if necessary.

You should also be aware of phishing scams and other online security issues. If you receive an email that purports to be from Amazon, but asks for personal information or is threatening, you should report it. This will ensure that Amazon can respond in a timely manner and remove the scammer from its system.

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