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Super Spacer Heritage

Super Spacer Datasheet

Putty fronting of Insulating Glass Units

Glazing Ststems for fully beded frames

Dry-Seal Installation

CE Marking annealed 1.7 or greater

CE Marking Annealed 2.7 or greater

CE marking toughned 1.7 or greater

CE marking toughened 2.7 or greater

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Warm-Edge Benefits

A High performance warm edge spacer designed especially for the restoration sector.  A silicone structural foam spacer containing desiccant with Edgetech’s unique dual seal system that twins an acrylic adhesive on the spacer edge with a hot-melt butyl secondary sealant for outstanding gas retention.

Thermal Efficiency

The thermal efficiency benefits of slim low-sight line double glazing, far outweigh that of single glazing, achieving centre pane U-values of as low as 1.2 on a 6mm gas-filled cavity, depending on the choice of gas used. The reduction of heat loss through the glass is up to 77 per cent better than compared to single glazing.

Inert Heavy Gas

The thermal conductivities of argon and krypton are much lower than air, meaning they are much more efficient insulators and are excellent at reducing U-values in sealed double glazed units.


Continual condensation can seriously deteriorate the lower sections of a timber frames – SlimGlaze Glass Slim Low Sight-Line Double Glazed Units will slow down the dew point being reached. The inner pane of the double glazed unit is warmer than the outside pane and our warm edge ‘Super Spacer’ spacer bar acts as a thermal break, stopping the cold reaching the inner pane of the unit. This helps maintain the room temperature when the heating is switched off at night and thereby reduces condensation and heat loss.

Listed Buildings

Please be noted that Listed Buildings are exempt from regulations as far as the insulation value of glazing is concerned. Part L of the buildings regulations do not apply to any windows, where the single glazing is being replaced by SlimGlaze Glass units.

Sash Windows

When using SlimGlaze units are replacing single glazing Window weights for sash and case will require adjustment. Most existing sash and case today will have cast iron weights. A corresponding length of lead weight of approximately the same diameter or size as cast iron is around twice the weight of the cast iron. By replacing with lead ensures that the weight is the same length approximately and therefore the sashes will have the same amount of opening travel.


1mm thickness of glass (1 metre x 1 metre) 1m2 weighs 2.5Kg.


Unit Construction 4mm Glass/4mm Cavity, gas/4mm Glass Calculation 1000mm x 1000mm = 1m2 x 8 (4 + 4) x 2.5kg = 20Kg. To calculate the overall weight of sash including the frame multiply the glass thickness x 2.67Kg as a rough guide.