Double glazed unit

Government Approved

5 years guarantee

Compliant with CE standards

Our Service Range

SlimGlaze has heavily invested in the design and manufacture of this product. We have a range of services in relation to this product such as.

  • Bespoke Leading service with the option of 4mm,6mm,9mm,12mm Lead as well as a range of colours.
  • Bespoke Sandblasting service.
  • Choice of glass types (Self-cleaning, Acoustic and Laminated Glass)
  • Choice of Obscure glass
  • Soldered leading Joints
  • Authentic Glass (Crown Glass etc)

What we offer

Maintaining character

Environmental Protection

Reduce Noise Pollution

Regulation Compliant

Cooler Summer Home

Remove Condensation

slim Glazing unit Material

Slim Glaze Units are made up as follows :

  • Slim units that start from a minimum of 10mm thick.
  • A maximum of 7mm seal depth (-1mm tolerance) to provide the low-sight line for traditional timber windows.
  • Edgetech Heritage Super Spacer’ the best Warm Edge on the market.
  • U-Values as low as 1.2 with a 6mm cavity providing up to 77% less heat loss than from traditional single glazing.
  • Improved acoustic performance, assisted by the use of super spacer and heavy inert gases.

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Product Features

Warm-Edge Benefits

Superior silicone foam insulation; low thermal conductivity; substantially reduced permiter condensation; typical improvement of 0.2W/m2K on overall window U-value.

Silicone Foam Features

Excellent UV resistance; extreme temperature performance; fast dew point drop; superior compression-set resistance; excellent colour stability; enhanced sound dampening

Edge Seal Durability

Continuous vapour barrier at corners; no chemical fogging; high desiccant content.

Unique Dual-Seal Design

Outer hot-melt butyl sealant for enhanced gas retention; inner structural acrylic side adheisve; immediate unit handling; no cold flow or spacer/ seal migration.

Improved Productivity

Fast application; elimination of desiccant filling; no corner key assembly; simiplified shaped unit production; limited equipment investment; small labour force required.

Pleasing Aesthetic Appearance

Smooth matte surface finish; pleasing neutral appearance; no surface blistering or bubbling; straight line application with 90° corners. Ultra slim sightline.